How we roll (on a spring-like day)

The sun was out.  All.  Day.  Today.  Our thermometer read 70 degrees (in reality, weather.com said it was 61.  But we're claiming the 70).  The Hubby was in a procrastinating mood.  So we did what any logical couple would do:

We got out Indy.

Indy?  Who the heck's Indy, you ask?  We are a pet-free family (hallelujah).  However, we are not a bike-free family.  As in motor-bike.  Like, motorcycle.  (I think I got too much fresh air today).  She might not be the biggest bike around, and she might not be the baddest, but she's ours and we love every minute with her, along with what she represents (warm weather! freedom! lack of obligations! time together!).

Isn't she beeeeeeeeautiful?
I'll confess to you that these are old pictures, because they are taken at my in-law's house, and we were definitely not there today.  Also, that is the Hubby's old car in the background, so I'm thinking these were taken around the time he first got the bike, about three years ago.
The Hubby woke her up from her deep winter's sleep in the garage and we said a little prayer that she'd start without needing to have her battery recharged.  She did!  We were so excited to jump right on and take a little spin on the back roads.   (I was also VERY excited to find an uber cute farm down the road that had a roadside stand.  Can't wait for the fresh produce!). 

My riding boots.  If I were cooler, I'd probably wear them for things other than riding.
A cowgirl at heart?  Who, me?  No...never...

After our fun with Indy, we sat outside in the sunshine and read.  Well, the Hubby studied for his exam on Monday, and I read a novel that I can't put down.  Personally, I think my reading material is slightly more exciting than the Hubby's Mycology notes...

I'm not one to recommend a book prior to reading it completely, but I think I can do that with Redeeming Love safely

I truly hope that wherever you are, you had wonderful spring-like weather with sunshine today!  It truly is good for the soul


  1. Hey girl! Got your comment!

    Try buying a block of chocolate or confectioners coating. Confectioners coating you can buy as a big block at the grocery store or you can get them as "chips" at many stores as well. Hobby Lobby here has them precolored! Your coating will work better and be a smoother texture. I've recently discovered they simply coat so much more smoothly! Let me know how they end up!

  2. OK, love our motorcycle, I wear cowboy boots too, and, sigh, Redeeming Love, one of the best books EVER!

    Truly love you....... If for more time.


  3. Just came across your blog from another one and...
    1. Redeeming Love is a great book!
    2. I also love The Help and Radical...such good books!
    3. The alphabet print below is awesome - thank you!
    4. I think that's it.

    Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. You look so freaking cute with your cowboy boots and plaid shirt. I actually want to BE you in that picture. Seriously. So cute. Not cute as in cutesy little kid either, but cute as in- I seriously want to look like her, even if it it's just from behind. Awkward? Probably. True? Heck yes.

  5. i'm a new follower and my absolute favorite book is Redeeming Love--great recommendation! also...i have to say, your boots are just too adorable. so glad i found your blog!

  6. You are all so sweet :) Head down to your local TSC (ohmigosh-people probably don't even know what that stands for!) and grab yourself some boots and a flannel. I'd ride with any of you any day!

  7. I love that picture of you from behind.
    I have never heard of that book- I'll have to look it up.


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