If you're married to a medical student...

If you're married to a medical student who is taking a class on the art of the physical exam, then the following is not only completely normal, but most likely expected or encouraged.  Notice any interesting additions to our bedroom? 

Why yes, what a lovely lamp!  (She kids).  I'm talking about the obvious weird thing in our room.  It's a physical exam, all set up and just waiting to happen!  Actually, it's quite logical to leave it all set up so that whenever the Hubby is ready to practice any or all of the steps, he can do so without taking 10 minutes to get everything ready.  Isn't it such a nice addition to the room?  Let's take a closer look.  

Lovely.  Not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but practical nevertheless. Everything we'll need is right there and ready to go.

Not pictured: tongue depressors and gloves.

Clockwise-ish, starting at the top:
  • A: White coat.  Must be worn so that the Hubby can practice pulling things out of his pockets.  
  • B: Patient exam gown.  Not flattering.  Nor a good color on me. 
  • C: Ophthalmoscope (tucked safely in the case).  For examining retinas and the like.  The one which I shall not touch due to price.  
  • D: Blood pressure cuff.  (Would a ped's cuff make an acceptable birthday gift for the Hubby?)
  • E: Stethoscope.  For auscultating (I feel smart for knowing what that means!).
  • F: Tape measure.  Used to measure the size of the liver.  Mine's about 6cm, just in case you were wondering.
  • G: Pen. For marking the liver.  And I suppose taking notes.
  • H: Pen light.  For many things, like observing the thyroid.
  • I: Otoscope. To look in ears and noses.  Thank goodness those tips are disposable, because that's gross, yo.
  • J: Reflex hammer.  I have to look away for this to work. 
Not too long from now though, final exams will ALL be over for the spring semester and this cute room addition will be but a memory.  And the Hubby and I will enjoy an entire week free from medical school.  And then, it will start again ;)

[if you are creepy and liked this mildly creepy peek inside our bedroom, go see another one over here!]


  1. Check, check, and CHECK! I was Derek's favorite patient when he did this 2 semesters ago..... ha ha! Also, we have the same pillow on our bed! Funny!

  2. I love this! My student doctor doesn't leave it all set up like yours, but I won't be surprised if it starts happening. I often get to practice with him though!!

  3. I have fond memories of those good ol' days when I'd be the physical exam subject for my husband to practice on! Your husband is very organized.

    Good luck on exams!!

  4. It IS a nice lamp. Heh. ;) Looks like you have the whole gang (of instruments) there. Liver measuring eh? For some reason I never experienced that.

    Enjoy your free week!

  5. Just came across your blog and had to say hi... my hubby graduated from MSU med school last year; we got married a few months before he started there. I remember these early physical exam practice days - now I'm on to being a more specialized guinea pig in ear, nose & throat related ones :)

  6. I forgot to tell you about my give-a-way on my blog! Check it out Mrs. MD!


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