The blurriness is a great representation of the state of my mind.
Lately, I have had this little sore throat that has been threatening to become a for-real-cold for the past few days, but I kept telling myself it's just the changing season (not that I have any allergies, at all.  Besides lactose.  And I don't think that comes into play right now).  But yesterday afternoon, my little sore throat become a for-real-cold.  It totally knocked me out!  Very rarely do I get sick, but when I do, it can be a bit intense (or I'm a big baby. One or the other).  I drugged up enough to make it to a dear friend's going away soiree (love you Susie), came home, and collapsed into bed but couldn't sleep-every time I'd drift, I'd cough myself awake (and my poor Hubby, who had an exam this morning).  

So the above is the summary of my day today.  I had to eat oatmeal for breakfast.  Oatmeal = gross.  I don't like runny, goopey oatmeal, but it was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't hurt my throat more.  (I put marshmallows in it, redeeming it slightly).  

Sorry that I haven't been the greatest blogger as of late.  I haven't checked my email or responded to comments or anything and for that, I'm so incredibly sorry. Promise as soon as I can form cohesive thoughts, I will. 

Thank you all so very much for your opinions on the dresses.  I totally appreciate it!  At this point, I'm trying to figure out which would look best with watery eyes, a red/raw nose and kleenex stuffed into it.  Does that change anyone's vote?? :) 


I adore your comments, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! Don't forget - if you don't have your email address visible on your blogger profile, I won't be able to respond directly to you via email.

[Super-sweet reminder to family and friends: please refrain from mentioning the Hubby's name, school or our city. Thanks ;)]