The month of May

So I preemptively turned our calendar from April to May today, and my jaw dropped.  I never quite realized how action-packed the entire month is.  In the month of May, we have:

Eight of them!  That we actually celebrate with parties/gifts/festivities.  
  • One husband
  • One mother of the Mrs.
  • One mother of the Hubby.
  • One cute-to-boot niece
  • One turning-one-year old cousin (well, cousins' daughter.  What does that make the babe, my second cousin?  First cousin, once removed?  Genealogy is clearly not my strong suit).
  • One favorite solider in Afghanistan (who has a birthday package en route to him...not that I have any idea when he'll actually get it!)
  • One best friend of the Hubby's from medical school
  • One best friend of the Hubby's from, well, forever.  
  • Speaking of mothers...It's Mother's Day this month too (in case you'd forgotten)!  So we celebrate our moms and grandmothers. 
"Our Week": 
  • The second week of May.  Not this week, next week.  The week "free" of medical school.  The week when the Hubby gets to let his brain melt into a large puddle of oblivion (I'm kidding.  He'll really spend this time organizing and preparing for summer semester).  The week where we are actually going to return to each of our hometowns together, to mine the first weekend, and to his the second weekend, to spend time with our families, celebrate Mother's Day, attend my either-second-cousin-or-first-cousin-once-removed cousins' daughter's first birthday party (stay tuned for what I'm making for her...you're going to swoon!) and be reunited with dear friends.
Oh, and one other teeny tiny little thing... 

May happens to be the month that holds our wedding anniversary.  Remember how we're newlyweds?  That means that this is our very first wedding anniversary.   I feel like we should do something awesome, but I'm totally failing in the creativity department.  So I am turning to YOU my faithful dozen readers and anyone else who stumbles upon this.  How the heck should we celebrate?  I've been keeping my eye on Groupon to see if anything pops up but no luck so far.  We'd like to DO something, since we spend plenty of time in quiet companionship (read: Hubby studying, me doing quiet things).  There are a couple of roadblocks that might hinder our celebrating slightly:
  • Conundrum #1: Our anniversary is May 29th (someone right now is reading this, and thinking "Wait a second...Isn't that Memorial Day weekend?  Who the heck gets married on Memorial Day weekend??").  Well, we think the same thing too.  It was literally the only date that we could feasibly get married (thank you, 11 other sets of friends who got married last summer and beginning medical school).  So while it has its perks (3-day weekend), it's also a time that so many other people have free time and want to do things.  Like stay in cute little bed-and-breakfasts, driving the prices through the roof. 
  • Conundrum #2: Hubby has a pharmacology exam on Tuesday May 31st.  So we're going to have to be mindful/respectful of studying.
  • Conundrum #3: It's Memorial Day weekend (you're thinking - didn't she already cover this?).  My in-laws live on a lake up north, where Memorial Day weekend is always THE first big weekend of summer, when the docks and boats go in, and there's a huge celebration and all of the family and neighbors families are there.  Pardon me if I sound mildly selfish, but I really don't want to spend our first anniversary weekend with my in-laws, as wonderful as they might be. 
  • Conundrum #4: We're in medical school aka not tons of money floating around in the budget to use for frivolous celebrations. 
So if you made it this far, do a girl a favor and lend a hand and some advice:
  • What awesome and amazing ideas do you have for celebrating the first year of a marriage (for a reasonable price)?  
  • What awesome and amazing ideas do you have that are through the roof lavish, way over-the-top and completely out of the question (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)?
  • How did you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?  
    • And, sub-question: Do you do anniversary gifts?  (That could be an entire separate post, but I'll leave it at that for now).


  1. We haven't celebrated yet, but our anniversary is the Sunday before a 5 test finals week. Lucky us! Anyways, we're just celebrating later in the month. Just an nice dinner and a quite study free night in :)

  2. I'm sure you know of this because you are so on top of the online deal sites - but livingsocial.com offers really good weekend get-away deals. Can't wait to hear what you choose!

  3. So, my practical family-dealing-with-medical-school-or-medical-school-loans advice is to do what we did... Pick a day that your man isn't on call - even if it's not the actual day of your anniversary - and go on a date. Like, dress up, go out, whatever. Doesn't matter where you go or what you do, just go out and celebrate with a coffee at McDonald's or whatever. Then, on the day of your anniversary, make a fabulous candlelight dinner for the two of you. Dress up, if dressing up makes you feel special.

    (It doesn't hurt to hint loudly that you'd love to have flowers reminiscent of your wedding bouquet! Flowers are a nice treat.)

    That's what we've done both years we've been married and we love it. It's not too expensive or too hard to make time for. But it feels like we're marking a special occasion. Maybe on our tenth anniversary we'll do something extravagant.

    We don't do anniversary gifts. Well, unless you count the flowers as a gift. But we're not big gift-y people as it is.

    One year! Yay that's exciting!

  4. Your cousin's daughter would be your first cousin once removed.

    The family historian (self-proclaimed, that is)

  5. We have never done anything amazingly romantic/extravagant, so I'm not sure anything I say will be helpful. :P We were just as moneyless our first year so we just did dinner (fondue I think) and exchanged a few little things. (Mini rose bush and treats we don't normally buy)

    I'd never thought about cruises, but we've had several couple friends go on them in the last few years and they said they were fun. It sounds like they can be fairly cheap too - it's the getting to them that's the spendy part.

  6. Thanks for the advice, all! I'm hoping for maybe cheapo massages to come up on groupon (or yes, Living Social, Alissa =D), but if not, I seriously think I'd be happy with a dinner out and an evening free of studying.

    Seriously, it's the little things, isn't it?

  7. I'm a little late to the game... but happy almost anniversary! We were in the same boat with 1st anniversary smack in the middle of 1st year med school - and I agree with a couple other commenters that the key to celebrating is a study-free evening (sometimes that means picking a different day to celebrate, I know). We would usually go out to eat, and then go to a coffee shop afterward to enjoy a little more together time - a treat because we didn't usually have time for stuff like that. Also, my ideal anniversary celebration every year would be a trip to somewhere warm (February anniversary!), but of course that's not possible (loans!) so for our 1st I got my hubby a bottle of Jamaican rum, reminiscent of our honeymoon there.


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