Perfect Mother's Day gift - Don't look Mom!

Hello, perfect Mother's Day gift!  Groupon (Milwaukee) has a great deal today: Spend $25 to get $50 worth of goodness at Coldwater Creek - aka my mother's favorite store!  It's valid either online or at any store - not just Milwaukee (a good thing, because we live on the other side of the lake!).  If you go to Groupon's website and look at the Milwaukee deals, it is over in the right-side toolbar as an online deal. 

Thought I'd share, in case your mother loves Coldwater Creek too!  If you've never bought a Groupon before, use one of my links, because we all love getting credit for sharing good news about a great deal ;)

And I know, I promised you a medicine ball recap last night.  However - the Hubby has his final exam in Physical Examination this morning, so I got to have two 45 minute - 1 hour long check-ups last night.  The Hubby just thinks it's awesome that he can hear the crackles in my sick lungs!  Tonight.  Come back tonight for med ball goodness!

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