More like Pure Ridiculousness

Photo date and time stamp?  April 18, 2011, at about 7.15am.  Pure, pure ridiculousness.  I can barely force myself to go out there and scrape off my car (hence posting about it instead??). 

This is why you never, EVER put away the wool socks, long janes/johns and boots until at least the middle of May.

(Med Ball recap coming tonight - hopefully!)


  1. I had to sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to Bryn this morning on the way to daycare. He said "Mom, I am so glad it's snowing."

  2. It is 70 degrees and sunny here today :) I guess this is one good thing about being so so far away from you guys. I think I would rather be there in the (gulp) snow though if it we could snuggle up with our rice packs and drink hot chocolate and watch girly movies :) Love you tons...see you in three weeks...preferably without the white stuff.

  3. i heard about this. The facebook statuses were killing me. i feel so bad!!!


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