Votes for Women!

And by that post title, what I really mean is: Help me decide which dress to wear to Med Ball! (Thank you to the gorgeous Dana for supplying me with heaps of choices!)

The pictures that follow are for real awkward.  I totally felt like a goon with a big cheesy grin in all of them, so I didn't smile at all.  After I looked at  them, I realized I was looking a little bit too much like a murderer...so for take two of my photo shoot, I plastered on a rather fake looking smile.  Here they are, cheesy-ness, side pony tail, awkward poses and all (seriously, what are you supposed to do with your arms??).

Option #1                                             Option # 2                                                 Option #3
Option #1: V-neck front, crew type collar in the back.  All over lace.  
Option #2: Top is black cotton, bottom is a mauve-purple silky ruffles.  It's belted because I have the world's strangest shaped body.
Option #3: V-neck front and v-neck back.  Silky, banded.

Okay ladies.  What are your thoughts?  Pros and cons of each?  Bear in mind that I'll be spending the evening trying to schmooze with the Hubby's faculty and instructors and attending physicians, along with the Hubby's classmates, then cast your vote!

I should probably show you all of the outtake photos.  Because they would make you laugh. A. Ton.  But they're really embarrasing.  It's a miracle I got any that were decent.  But here are a few to make you giggle.  Please, don't fall out of your seat.

A                           B                                 C
A: Apparently in pain. 
B: The "not-quite" smile
C: in a sing-songy, Scarlett O'Hara voice: "I've never had a single thought in my head in my life!"

This is totally unrelated, but can I also take a minute to say how much I *adore* the gorgeous ladies I've met through blogging?  Sometimes I'm convinced that you are the nicest people I know!  Thank you for being sweet, and thank you for being you!


  1. Okay...seriously...you can't go wrong! They are all ADORABLE dresses! I love them all....like seriously! I know that is NO help what so ever though so go with whichever you felt the most comfortable in!!

    About the Truffles...getting them off the fork after dipping. The trick is this: Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap until it slowly slides off the fork! With the PB ones I had to actually take another fork and scoot them off. The PB would stick too much!

  2. I love B. A is gorgeous too. C is a little but more of a going out for a "little black dress" party if you as me. Hope that helps!

  3. I think C is amazing on you, but for the occasion I'd go with A- still amazing, bit more 'professional'. Have fun deciding and tallying votes =) Gotta love the blogging world!

  4. 1. You look AMAZING in all of them!
    2. Not gonna lie, your in pain outtake totally make me giggle, but in an you're adorable way, not a bad way!
    3. I really like option #3, but it may be a little... Va Va Voom, so I'm going to cast my vote for option #1.

  5. Dress A! It's sexy, but modest with the longer length. Your legs still look very long, and the neckline excentuates your long neck and prety face. This is the WINNER!

  6. They are ALL cute - and you are gorgeous. But I think my favorite is Option #3. You are going to blow everyone away at the med ball!

  7. These look so great on you!! I love dress #3 (That must be from your closet!) Seriously though, I love them all on you. I think #2 might be too casual, unless you are still going for the 20's theme and can do pearls or a feather headpiece with it. I like #1 a lot too though.

    (I secretly want to see the turquoise one and beige one with the ruffle too though. hehe)


  8. Mom votes for dress A - You look wonderful it it! Love you.

  9. I vote for A - for the occasion, and for the one that most fits the roaring twenties theme...

    You do look great in all of them - but A is definitely the most classy.

    How fun!!

  10. I'm the outlier, geez, I loved C! B is my second, A I think looks to matronly, you can wear A later in life!!

    I'm the minority~

  11. I vote A! B is super cute, but too informal for the occasion. C is beautiful- and could be good as well- but has a certain amount of sexiness to it that, while not a bad thing at all, may not be what you're going for at an event with the husb's professors. A is super classy, looks fabulous on you, and will be tame enough to be around faculty, and dressy enough for the occasion.

    Yea. A or C. A side note: my dress for my husb's first year ball (med ball mixed with military ball- very formal), was extremely low cut. I look back on pictures and though I do not regret wearing said dress, I do get strong urges to cover up my cleavage. But there were so many people there, and such worse dresses, that my cleavage probs didn't matter much to anyone.


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