Cuteness in the form of tulle

(prepare to swoon):

Ahh!  Hello, adorable!  This is what I made for the cute-to-boot one-year old's birthday party that we had last weekend.  Isn't it so sweet?!  (Obviously I didn't make the onsie, that part I got from Kohls.  I love the little crochet lace sleeves!). 

I had some help from two blogs for inspration for the tutu.  The first was Eden's Flower Garden.  She totally breaks down exactly how to cut tulle from the bolt without it being completely agonizing.  For my tutu, I used two yards of pink tulle and two yards of lavender.

Roll each yard, snip off the ends, cut into 6" pieces, unroll and cut each piece in half.  Easy peasy!

The blog that I used to form the tutu was The Real Life Mom.  I found it easy to understand exactly how to knot the pieces of tulle around the elastic with the knots being the direction that I wanted.  When I did mine, I slid the elastic around a can of coffee while tying the knots to keep everything nice and tidy.

a) Tulle, folded in half behind the elastic, loop side up.  b) Tuck loose ends up through loop and pull tight.  c) Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Seriously, this was such a simple and easy project.  If you have a little girl in your life, you need to make one, stat!

A few more views:

Sorry I don't have an actual picture of the little princess in her tutu!  Also, I owe y'all a life update, including our "vacation week" highlights.  I'll do one soon, since we have some kind of big news (don't think baby; you'll be wrong!), but I need to wait a couple of days.  Until then... 

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  1. Too cute! What a great idea.

  2. Turned out adorable! So happy you found the tutorial helpful! Thanks for the shout out!

  3. this is so darling, I just made one way similar for a baby shower gift...(ill post after the shower)
    good tips to make mine better next time!!
    should check mine out..post probably on sunday or monday


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    Have a great day!

  5. So Cute!!!

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