Hubby's birthday recap + secret!

As you may or may not know, last week was the Hubby's birthday.  On the day of his birth, he got to celebrate by going to the hospital to try his hand at newborn physical exams.  Ironic, no?  He thought it was pretty neat to be able to tell his baby Riley happy birthday on their birthday!  (PS - do you all know about the whole dropping-a-baby reflex?  Apparently it's called the Moro Reflex.  I thought the Hubs was kidding when he told me he had to drop a baby!).  

We were able to celebrate with family and friends and it was lovely.  He probably received more practical gifts than fun ones, and I won't try to fool you - my gifts were the most lame.  I mean, what good medical student doesn't want a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a pediatric blood pressure cuff?  (Don't worry, there were some slightly cooler things in his present from me as well.  Like new jeans.  And a frisbee.  I know-lame!). However, thanks to our families, the Hubby got some way less lame things, and we are now well-equipped to do things he's hoping to do this summer, like going camping (now that we have important things that we were lacking before - such as sleeping bags) and learning to suture.  Yes, that's right.  Not only are we the proud owners of the "Stitch Up Wounds" kit, we also have two pig feet in our freezer, because apparently the skin of a pig is very similar to that of a human, and is the best to practice on.  Sick (don't worry - no pig feet photo follows this.  Mainly because I am frightened to touch them.  Or anything sitting next to them in the freezer, for fear that I might accidentally touch them).  

But I do think I made up for my lame/practical gift choices with my awesome kitchen endeavors for the day.  Namely, nutella/strawberry/banana crepes for breakfast:

Dearest Nutella - it was four years ago this month that we met in Italy.  I might not be able to eat as much of your creamy, dairy goodness as I used to be able to, but I promise I still love you!

And homemade dairy-free pumpkin pie in lieu of birthday cake (yes, homemade down to the crust.  And the pumpkin pie was for him...but the dairy-free was for me!).

In other exciting news - the Hubby turned 10 years old, according to the number of candles.  And his wife accidentally bought trick candles...Oh, and yes, that's flannel being worn.  In mid-May.  So all of you kind folks out there complaining that it's too hot already, zip it!

So that's the Hubby's birthday in a nut shell.  Oh, yes, that, and this.  (This is the secret that I needed a sunshine-filled day to photograph!):

Meet our new motorcycle/the secret I've been withholding from you.  While she wasn't technically a birthday gift, the Hubby did pick her up on his birthday, so we're counting it as one!  Our beloved bike Indy has a new owner...but she doesn't have to change her last name - the Hubby's brother bought her!  My brother-in-law asked us two weekends ago if we'd be interested in selling him our bike, so we could "upgrade."  You know that week of bliss between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer semester?  It was consumed with a search for a new bike.  Online searches, checking the dealerships, going to people's houses who had bikes for sale, etc etc...and we finally found the most bang for our (on a medical school budget) buck.  

She's a Yamaha V-Star 1100, if that means anything to you.  All it means to me is that she's a beast compared to Indy - almost twice as big of an engine and several hundred pounds heavier.  We've named her Isra, which means "to travel at night" (she's black, get it?).  I was voting for Raven, but lost. 

I haven't quite gotten over saying goodbye to Indy yet - There was definitely a complete sobbing breakdown a tear in my eye when she was ridden away. I mean, she was our first bike.  We've had her for essentially our entire relationship - we even rode her the night we were engaged (and subsequently caught in a torrential downpour for our hour long ride back from dinner). She'll always have a special place in our hearts! 

Beautiful Indigo Blue Indy.


  1. Oh, I have had pig feet in my freezer. Blech.

    But that does look like the best birthday breakfast ever.... I love Nutella.

  2. We have similar posts this week! Happy Birthday to our Med school hubbys!


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