Memory Lane: Our Wedding Details

As the Hubby and I approach our one year wedding anniversary (this Sunday!), we've been doing some reminiscing about all things wedding related.  The week before was basically a blur of finishing the million projects that I had decided to tackle by myself.  Our wedding was a DIY wedding to the core (partially to keep costs low, partially because I love making things!).  Handmade items included, but were not limited to:
  • The save the date postcards
  • "Will you be my bridesmaid" cards
  • Shower thank you notes
  • Wedding invitations
  • Guest book
  • Ceremony programs
  • Place cards
  • Trivia cards at each reception table
  • Menus
  • Wedding thank you notes
  • Three-quarters of the bridesmaid gifts
  • The alter decorations
  • The pew decorations
  • Wreaths for the doors
  • A "Tears of Joy" sign and tissue holder
  • Our unity candle
  • "For cold feet" grooms socks (the label-I don't know how to make socks!)
  • Our centerpieces
  • The table numbers
  • Coloring books for all of the kids at the reception
  • The card box
  • And probably more things which I've forgotten about by now, but which seemed SO IMPORTANT at the time.
(Seriously, you should see my file folder saved on my computer of wedding goodness.  I backed it up daily for fear of my computer crashing and losing all of my wedding planning!  I had a list, a diagram, a timeline, an outline or a cheat sheet for everything.  My organization might have seemed excessive, but you know what the beauty of it was?  Our day was that much more relaxed because of it).

Isn't it funny how all of the little details of a day that is planned for months and is so anticipated can be forgotten so rapidly?  It's a shame really, with all of the work that goes into every aspect of it.  Join me on a trip down memory/photograph lane.  (Pardon any less-than-glamorous photos.  These weren't taken with the intention of sharing them on a blog someday!  Little did I know...).

Invitations.  Sorry, my deletion of names/locations kind of ruins it.  But our names were written in Scriptina font in that gorgeous plum color of the ribbon. 
Working on the bridesmaid gifts.  This is pretty much how I could be found every evening - hot glue gun on, sitting at the plastic patio table that served as a dining room table, working on some project.  I made my girls monogrammed tote bags and vases (for their bouquets at the reception), and fancified Old Navy flip flops so they could dance all night.  I also found awesome handmade jewelry on Etsy.
This picture makes me smile.  Can you tell how excited I was at my dress fitting?!
My "will you be?" cards.
"In case of any Cold Feet!"  It took me months to find dark socks with purple argyle.
Why purple shoes?  Because seriously, you'll never wear those white ones again! 

My feels-like-a-princess wedding dress.  I loved every bit of it, from the lace detail to the vanilla-bean-ivory color to the long train.

Our scroll-style programs

Lots of candles everywhere (they were lit for the ceremony!). 

Pew decorations.  Making the cones ended up being a huge pain in the rump.
Place cards!  I think I could still tell you what most people ordered.  Literally.  It creeps the Hubby out.  He could mention any random person and I'd say, "oh, they ordered the beef," or "he ordered the chicken."  Black cards were the beef, purple the chicken, and gray ones were "special" (kids, vegetarian, or - you know - dairy-free).

Scrumptious dinner.  I do wish I would have eaten some of it!

We made a set of trivia cards at each table for entertainment during the cocktail hour.  There were Hubby + Mrs. questions (including "where did the bride and groom get engaged?"), wedding trivia (such as "what does the word 'bride' mean in Old English?"), and general trivia (like "what goes around the world but stays in the corner?" ).
(Yes, I know, mildly over-ambitious). I made coloring books for all of the kids who were going to be at the reception.  They were much appreciated by the parents!  Nothing worse than a bored kid...or so we're told!
Our cake!  Gorgeous, no?  We had photos of our grandparents on their wedding day surrounding the base of the cake, with their love stories printed beside them.

Our card box on our gift table.  I know, I went a little over the top.  We had our parents wedding photos there, since they gave us the gift of life!

Our table numbers were two-fold in nature.  The front had the table name (a characteristic of love), with a corresponding Bible verse (side note: 32 is a lot of table names to come up with!).  For the back side of the table numbers, we asked various family and friends for a copy of their wedding photo and for them to tell how they met, a funny story or their marriage advice.  We got an overwhelming response to our table numbers - people loved them!  It was also a great way to get people up and moving around the room to find "their" table. 
Our first dance song was "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" by the Proclaimers - which I realize seems strange.  But we found this struggling artist from Australia named Johnny, on YouTube of all places, and fell in love with his acoustic rendition.  We contacted him and he recorded it in the studio for us.  We adored our one-of-a-kind first dance song.

I suppose that's more than enough for now.  Hope I didn't bore you to tears...once I started, I couldn't stop!!  I just love weddings. :)

Happy long weekend!  May there be sunshine wherever you are!


  1. Having a great memory should not creep out your hubby, I think it is great to be able to remember all kinds of things. But then people say I am strange with my ability to remember everything.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Everything looks so beautiful! I don't know how you managed to make everything - I was a MESS the weeks leading to the wedding, worrying about everything!

  3. Holy guacamole lady! So many purty/special details. I really like how there were love stories/wedding pictures of your family and friends around.

    Happy anniversary!!

  4. Wow!!! Looks like it was a lovely wedding day... & BOY, did you take on a lot... LOVE the trivia idea for each table, LOVE the grooms socks : ) LOVE that you had scripture on each table card...
    And you are CRC... : ) Me too... : )
    Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many, many more...


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