Some good things must come to an end...

We've known that this day would be coming.  In fact, we've known since we started our journey in medicine, that sooner or later, it would happen.  I'm personally surprised that it has taken us nine months of medical school to get to this point.  But, alas, we've reached it.  The time came, it happened, and we've moved on. 

If you know my husband (which I know 90% of you don't), you might have noticed that he is always sporting two bracelets on his right wrist.  "Always" as in "hasn't-taken-off-since-getting-them-in-2008-and-2009."  Sick, right?  There were probably things growing under there about which I don't even want to know.  But some gross good things must come to an end; the Hubby had to scrub in at the hospital.  So yesterday morning, they met their fate.  One had to be cut off, the other is still in tact.  

The first bracelet is a piece of kernmantle rope, as in rope for rock climbing.  That's the one that required scissors, as it is burnt/melted onto a wrist.  The second was a bracelet that the Hubby got as a gift from some children in Trinidad, where he did some medical mission work and helped build an orphanage.  This one might be able to be slipped back on, but it was such a tight fit to get it over his hand that I don't know if it will ever make it back on his wrist.

You're probably thinking, seriously?  A post about a couple of bracelets?  Well, mind you, these bracelets have basically been on the Hubby's wrist as long as we've been together, save for a few months in the beginning.  

The bracelets were there for dating:

They were there for graduating college:

The bracelets saw us get engaged:

And made many appearances in our professional engagement photos:

The Hubby offered to take them off for our wedding, but they had already present for our entire relationship, so why not invite them to our wedding day?

They came on our honeymoon:

And have been there ever since:

But, as of yesterday morning, they are no more:
 Some good things must come to an end...


  1. Bye, bye bracelets! Maybe he can get some new ones after this adventure!

  2. So, was this your big news? :) So sad to hear of the demise of the bracelets.

  3. Looks like the bracelets had a long and happy life. Very fun to see them peeking out in your photo timeline.

  4. Aw, what a cute recap. Losing the bracelets might be sad for him, but getting to scrub in was probably exciting!

    p.s. I think we have practically the same ring :)

  5. I'm totally sentimental...you should make a shadow box for him with some pictures like this with them in it.

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