Med School Year One: Complete!

It's noon on June 30, 2011?  
Thirty-nine weeks of school, sixteen classes and fifty-three exams later...


I am so unbelievably, undeniably, unequivocally proud of my husband and his drive, dedication, desire and determination to become Dr. Hubby.   He amazes me more each and every day.

Please note the lack of a countdown.  There's no "one year of med school down, three years to go" around here, because really, it would be (at least) six more years to (maximum-I hope!) nine more years to go to complete all of the Hubby's medical training.  That might be slightly disheartening.  So for now, we're just celebrating having one year under our belts!

I'm going to try to get the Hubby to give me some First Year Reflections to share with you.  It might take a few days though before he's up to complete any more homework assignments ;)  Until then, I'll be enjoying having just a husband around, instead of a med-student-husband!  


Pinterest button

Guess what you guys...I made my very first button that actually links to something!  See it over there to the right?  If you click on it, it will take you over to my Pinterest site, where you can follow me and my lovely boards!  I had no idea how to make a button, but this super helpful tutorial over at Memories by Christine was such a great help!  Although I varied my design, it would have taken me much longer to figure it out without Christine's help...thanks again! 

I know that I've already tried to sell you on Pinterest before, but if it didn't work, can I try to convince you again?  It's such a great way to collect, organize and share ideas and inspirations.  Let me tempt you with some of the things I have pinned on a few of my boards.  

From my "Yummy Eats" board:
Photo Sources on "Yummy Eats"

From my "On the Front Door" board:
Photo sources on "On the Front Door"

And from my "Shower the Bride" board:
Photo sources on "Shower the Bride"

Are you drooling yet?  There is so much inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and I love pinning things with the beautiful images accompanying them, instead of bookmarking them to be lost in my massive list forever.  

So if you're on Pinterest, you can follow me by clicking on my button on the right (or here, for simplicity).  If you're not on Pinterest and want an invitation, feel free to shoot me an email [mdschoolmrs(at)gmail(d0t)com] and I'll send you one over!

PS-one more day one more day one more day!


Tasty Tuesday: The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

 [Which is affectionately known around these parts as the "McMJ"]

This is not some new fancy recipe that I've recently started making - I've made at least one or two (or three!) of these yummy ham and egg sandwiches each week this school year, each and every time the Hubby has an early morning exam (thank goodness for husbands who don't mind eating the same foods repeatedly....can I get an amen??).  I thought it would be exceedingly appropriate to share this breakfast sandwich with you during the final finals week of our first year of med school! So even though it doesn't quite fit my recipe challenge of last week, I'm claiming it's good enough!

These sandwiches are not difficult to make, by any means.  However, streamlining the process so that I can make them efficiently while I'm still 3/4 asleep when I'm a bit tired has proven to be quite useful.  So here's my process for efficient early morning breakfasts on-the-go:

Two things need to be done prior to the early morning.  First, make a batch of Whole Wheat English Muffins (I supposed you could buy them, but once you have a homemade English Muffin, you'll never look back).  Split them, wrap each in plastic wrap, and freeze in a gallon size zip-top bag. 

The second thing to do in preparation to make breakfast sandwiches quickly is to freeze slices of ham.  What I do is buy a small ham and have the meat counter slice it into medium/thin slices.  With the Hubby having an average of two exams each week, I wrap two slices together.  It works out perfectly to just throw the second slice into a tupperware until it's needed later that week.  If you prefer, you could always wrap them as single slices.  Here's how I wrap two slices together without them freezing together/so I don't have to chisel them apart:

1: Lay one slice of ham onto a piece of plastic wrap, about an inch or two from the (short) end and press the short end up onto the ham.
2: Roll the ham once, so that it is completely surrounded by plastic wrap.
3: Stack a second slice of ham directly onto the top of the first slice (so there should be plastic between them).
4: Roll both ham slices up together until you reach the edge of the wrap.
5: Flip the ham over and press the loose ends closed.  
6: Repeat (a lot) until you have all of your ham slices wrapped up in little portions.  Freeze in a gallon size baggie. 

So in the morning, all you have to do is: grab a muffin from the freezer, resplit it once it's thawed slightly and toast it; defrost your ham (remove from plastic wrap first!) and give it a quick browning in a skillet; and hard fry an egg.  Stack it up, wrap it in foil and presto!  A McMJ/breakfast sandwich to be eaten on-the-go. 

Mmm...I officially have a craving...Think I could use one of these this morning!  Delicious and nutritious.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

[PS: I only have one more McMJ breakfast sandwich to make this semester, on Thursday morning!  That's the day of the last final of MS1, and then it is home free for the Hubby!!]

Sharing at some of these fun places this week.
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The Cookie Conundrum

So let's pretend that cookies are a rarity in your house.  Actually, sweets in general are rare.  The sweetest snack that you keep in your house that even creeps close to being considered junk food is granola.  Because you have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to food, and will eat anything and everything if it is available.  So you don't ever buy unhealthy things, because you don't like to put them into your body, and you don't like how you feel after eating them.  Only healthy, nutritious foods make it into your grocery cart, therefore only healthy, nutritious things make it into your refrigerator and cupboards.  Occasionally, you'll make something that might appear to be unhealthy, like banana ice cream, but in reality, it's still pretty good for you. 

Continuing this exercise in imagination, let us pretend that one time while grocery shopping, you stopped at the refrigerated tortilla section, which is conveniently located next to the refrigerated cookie dough section.  You see some white packaging that catches your eye: 

Photo Source

My goodness - no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives?   Getting hopeful, you turn the package over, and lo and behold! - no dairy.  Immediately, you clean out the entire case calmly place three packages into your cart to take home, freeze, and make for future company.  Which you do.  (At least the 'taking home' and 'freezing' parts).

Let's fast forward to this evening and say that you and your Hubby decide that this rainy, dreary day would be much better with some warm, gooey, homemade chocolate chip cookies [despite the fact that we are pretending, I won't try to fool you into thinking that I ever (ever!) make cookies that require actual ingredients and a bowl and mixing, rather than merely breaking-and-baking...If you want real cookies, you need to talk to my sister].

Photo Source
(Because we all know break-and-bake cookies don't look this good, even if they do taste delicious).

So you break them, and you unsuccessfully try to prohibit your future doctor husband from eating them raw (which doesn't work, though he of ALL PEOPLE should understand the danger of eating raw eggs), and you bake them.  The package makes a dozen cookies, which, if we're being honest, isn't that many cookies.  And despite the good intentions you had had in the tortilla/cookie section of Meijer of these cookies being for company, there is no one around but you and your Hubby.  

This leads us to The Cookie Conundrum.  Twelve cookies.  Two people.  You know that cookies are best fresh out of the oven, gooey and warm.  You also know that they just aren't as good on day two.  So what do you do?  Do you each eat two cookies, and put the rest away  to eat on the subsequent days when they aren't as delicious and won't bring nearly as much joy to your taste buds?  Or do you each eat six cookies and go into a cookie coma, nearly sick but happy that you were able to enjoy them while they were at their peak of tastiness?  I mean, if you're each going to eat six cookies out of the twelve regardless of when/how you eat them, does it really matter if you eat them all the first day or spread it out over two or three days?  It's still the same amount of cookies, right?  

The Cookie Conundrum.  I'm currently involved in it.  I've had 2.5 3 chocolate chip cookies this evening.  

The rest are still on the counter.

They're calling to me.  

I bet they're still warm.

Yes, I realize that the fact that I'm considering eating half a dozen cookies in one evening is mildly disgusting, and just because they don't have any HFCS in them doesn't make them good for me.  Yes, these Simply Pillsbury cookies are beyond delicious.  No, Pillsbury did not sponsor this post, nor did anyone pay me to write it (though I would take payment in the form of cookies).


A box of magazines and organization

Why yes, that is a box full of a ton of old magazines!  My mother cleaned out her shelves of cooking magazines, and gave me a whole box full of them.  Some had been around almost as long as me!  They were mainly Taste of Home and Quick Cooking magazines, with some others mixed in.  I didn't count how many magazines there were, but I know that it did take me weeks to go through and clip out all of the recipes that sounded yummy to me.

Check out those leg warmers!  And the date on the magazine!  ...and only 99 cents
It was hilarious to look through the magazines and see how times have changed.  Several things that had me laughing:

1.  There were photos of "newly remodeled, modern kitchens."  If I was house shopping and saw this as the kitchen in a house, I'd run screaming!  

Trees and fences and clouds, oh my! 
2.  So many of the recipes were filled with cream of mushroom/chicken soups, or two cans of  condensed milk, or three cups of cheese or two cups of sugar; things I can't imagine putting into my dishes.  Literally some of the least healthy recipes I could imagine.  And we wonder why obesity in such an issue in America.

3. Women would write in questions, looking for a recipe or suggestions, and the magazine would print their addresses for other readers to write responses to them.  Can you imagine your name and address being printed in a magazine???  It was a safer world back then.

4.  Next to each recipe is a photo of the woman who submitted it.  These photos were hilarious: the hair, the glasses, the clothing...I laughed, but wonder what younger generations will think of us??  (I'd love to put in some examples, but what if I accidentally used a photo of someone's mom or aunt?!?). 

5. Feature section: Microwave Magic.  I kid you not:

Entire meals cooked in microwave!  How easy!  How convenient!  How...disgusting!  Make me vomit.  Chicken should never be allowed near a microwave under any circumstances - not to defrost, not to reheat, not to cook.  I can't imagine eating meat that was cooked in the microwave.

So what the heck did I do with the thousands (slight exaggeration) of recipes I clipped out?  I finally got around to organizing them in this handy dandy recipe binder:

This was actually a wedding shower gift from my mother-in-law; she found this pretty binder and put in some of their family recipes, and had my mom put in some of our family's recipes.  It was such a sweet idea!   Even though I'm a firm believer that recipes should be used as guidelines, they always inspire me to make something new or different.  Honestly, aside from baking (which terrifies me, because I'm a terrible baker), I don't think I've ever actually followed a recipe.

Never-fail piecrust?  Oh have I proven that title wrong!

It's nicely divided into sections to keep me organized, and has cling pages (you know, like the kind that old photo albums have), so you can just pop a new recipe into the binder easily. 

And I'm doing a fairly good job at keeping it up-to-date and putting in recipes as I find them

Except there is still an occasional recipe that ends up on the back of an envelope...

(Anyone recognize this recipe? Slightly adapted and oh-so-delicious!)
My sister had made me an awesome database to store my recipes in on my computer, and the bulk of them are cataloged on there.  It rocks and it is so nice to have them all safe on my computer (in case of some freak kitchen accident where my recipe book ends up in flames-don't put it past me!).  However, I'm beginning to think that I'm the same way with my recipes as I am with my clothes: if I can't SEE them, I won't WEAR them (or make them, in the case of the recipes).  

So now that I have tons of recipes organized and at my fingertips, I'm going to challenge myself to share at least one recipe each week on the good old bloggy blog this summer, so that I don't get stuck in a summer cooking rut (grilled chicken again? Okay....).  Tasty Tuesdays will be the theme around here on Tuesdays this summer...hopefully I can keep up with it!  Anyone want to take the plunge with me?

How do you keep your recipes organized?  Any suggestions to keep from getting stuck in a cooking rut?  

Sharing the yummy goodness with some of these lovelies!


Several (completely) Unrelated Thoughts that make me EXCITED!

A rambling post filled with topics that are completely unrelated (aside from the fact that they all make me excited) is always better when broken down and numbered...right?  

1) We received our clinical campus placement for years three and four, and we will be...drum roll please....right where we applied to be!!!  =D  So excitedhappyrelievedecstatic .  We actually got the news earlier than I expected (obviously this girl can't read very well when anxious - the email clearly stated that we would be notified on Friday-ha!  Whoops...).  But hallelujah; we don't have to move (yet)!  

2) Apparently people really enjoy healthy ice cream, based on the all-time number of pageviews on my "most popular" posts.

That's madness.  Over twice as many pageviews as my next highest ever.  I have no idea where you all came from, but yay!  I'm glad to see such an overwhelming response to a delicious and simple recipe!

3) Time for a little glimpse into my past.  I grew up in a (rather) small town, which I will affectionately call D-town.  Don't get me wrong, D-town wasn't tiny: we had a stoplight, got a McDonald's when I was in high school, and only probably half of my friends lived on dirt roads.  But still, D-town was a fairly small town.  Small enough in that the town's dentist was also a farmer, and employed about a quarter of the kids in town for several weeks during the summer to pick strawberries.  Was I one of them?  Oh yes - yes I was.  A farmer at heart - that's me!  I actually worked on the farm all summer for a few summers, working from strawberry season to gladiola season to melon season to sweet corn season.  Strawberries were, and always have been, my favorite.  I'm fairly certain Doc lost money having me in the strawberry fields (kidding).  But I would eat at least a quart a day.  There isn't anything better than a freshly picked, slightly warm from the sun, unwashed (GASP!) berry. 

What is the point of this little trip down memory lane?  This is the point: I give you a photo of  the best berries in the world.

I have been absolutely craving real strawberries, the kind grown on a farm in Michigan, the ones that are small and sweet, not those strange monstrous creatures from California that are bitter and gritty and all that we can get to satisfy our strawberry cravings for most of the year.   Strawberry season is so short here, maybe three good weeks if we are lucky.  I have been harassing calling all of the farms near where we live, asking the all important question, "Do you have berries yet??".  The answer was repeatedly no.  

Finally, driving through an area where I don't normally frequent, I saw it, shimmering in rustic beauty: a fruit stand on the side of the road.  I jumped out, paid their three dollars-highway robbery-for a quart of berries and was so excited to get home to try them.  

Then I quickly realized - no berries are as good as Doc's berries.  I don't know what it is about them, but they are always perfect.  Biased opinion?  Perhaps.  But nevertheless, I was disappointed.

The Hubby and I met my folks and sister on Saturday night at a restaurant to celebrate Father's Day, and guess what my mother brought me: berries.  Doc's berries.  Two beautiful quarts of perfectly sweet, perfectly plump, perfectly ripe berries.  You'll never find a berry with a white tip or green top in a quart from Doc's....right Katie??  ;)  

Anyway - we've been in strawberry bliss around here the past couple of days.  Strawberry crepes on Sunday, strawberries and oatmeal this morning, strawberry snacks often!

Please, feel free to wipe the drool off your keyboard: 

4) It's June 21 tomorrow....the first day of SUMMER!  I don't think that needs anymore explanation, now does it? 

That's completes my list of random things that are making me excited today.  A good mini-match day, people enjoying my banana ice cream, the best strawberries in the world, and summer beginning tomorrow.  What's got you excited today?


Little Mini-Match Day

While this is absolutely nothing compared to the actual process and importance of Match Day (plane tickets! interviews! ranking! anticipation like no other! computer doing matching! next three to six years of life! basis for entire future medical career!), the Hubby and I are going to be having our own little mini-match day here next week.  Although maybe this is the norm at all medical schools, I can't imagine that it is.  At our school, there are multiple campuses scattered across the state.  The Hubby and I had our first little mini-match day before medical school began to see where our main campus would be for the first two years of school.  Now, in preparation for the third and fourth years of medical school, we are applying for our clinical campus, with our little mini-match day results being shared this coming Monday.  

So there are six clinical campuses where we might land.  Two may-or-may-not-be in the most dangerous cities in the country (I recognize that this most likely sounds like an exaggeration.  However, it is not.  Literally.  The two most dangerous cities in the country).  Obviously, we'd prefer not to head to either of those locations.  I mean, I'm sure they are decent hospitals where the hubby would see lots of gunshot wounds get lots of great experience.  But I'd rather not have to hire a security detail to go to the grocery store with me, know what I'm saying?  Several clinical campuses are fairly rural, which I have nothing against, but the best technology and the biggest cases are obviously going to be seen at the larger metro hospitals.  The city where we live right now has a great clinical campus, and our preference would be to stay right here where we are.

Since we are married (go marriage!), we are allowed to submit a form for special consideration for our clinical campus assignment.  Also, as I am, you know, employed (a rarity in this state's economy - I believe our state still has one of the top five highest ranked in unemployment percentages) (man, aren't I making this sound like a peachy place to live?  You should move here!), we're hoping that our special consideration request is granted.  All we had to do was submit our marriage certificate and a letter from  the company where I have contracts.  For good measure, I also wrote a letter begging explaining why we should be granted our request to stay here for years three and four.

All of that being said, the thing about this whole processes that is most terrifying is that you get to put in request for your top pick.  That's it. No second or third choices.  No spot for a runner up.  So if we don't receive our special consideration request, this means that we could end up anywhere  (read: potentially one of the top two most dangerous cities in the States). While it would all work out and be fine and probably even better than anticipated, it sounds terrible to me right now.  Relocating again.  Finding another apartment.  Either finding new employment or being away from the Hubby for weeks at a time.  Hubby starving because I'm not there to make him dinner.   See? Just not good.  

In summary: we'd really, really like to stay here for years three and four.  If you care to throw up a few prayers that we are granted our special consideration request, it would be, um, vastly appreciated.    

Please.  And thanks.  You = the best!


Machine -free & Dairy-free Ice Cream

The top ten reasons you are going to love this ice cream recipe:
  1. An ice cream maker is not necessary to make it.
  2. Your children (and husband!) will think it's delicious.
  3. It is healthy enough to be eaten for breakfast - no joke!
  4. It contains only three ingredients, and they are all-natural.
  5. You can expand it to however many servings you'd like.
  6. There is no dairy (okay, maybe only some of you care about this, but it's most important to me!).
  7. It will take you all of about four minutes of hands-on time.
  8. Nobody would ever guess that there are bananas in it - the flavor is completely masked.
  9. It costs less than a quarter per serving.
  10. There is no guilt when eating it!
I'm not even kidding when I say that this stuff is potentially life-changing.  Especially for those of us who can't tolerate milk - Non-dairy ice cream is ridiculously expensive and is chalked full of tons of ingredients I can't pronounce (read: not real foods).  Plus, it never tastes quite....right.  You know that gritty feeling that you can't pretend you don't notice when you're eating ice cream made of rice?  You won't find any of that in this recipe.  A friend had mentioned to me that it was possible to make ice cream from bananas.  Even though I was skeptical, I decided to try it, but added in the peanut butter and cocoa when making it.  Result? Pure bliss!

Gather your three ingredients:

Frozen Bananas.  Please, do not freeze them whole, as seen on the left.  They are a pain in the tuckus to peel, and my hands got so cold that I recruited the Hubby with a sharp knife to finish the job.  We learned our lesson: now we peel and chunk the bananas prior to freezing.
Peanut Butter and Dark Cocoa Powder.  Feel free to use regular cocoa powder, if that's what you taste buds prefer. 

And that's it!  Please use the following recipe as guidelines.  If you like more of the flavor of peanut butter, add some extra in there!  This is just what we've found we like.  The below portions are based on one serving (one banana); increase it to match your desired number of servings.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
Ingredients (per serving)
1 frozen banana
3/4 tsp. cocoa powder
1 /2 to 1 Tbsp. peanut butter

Peel bananas and chop into several chunks.  Freeze overnight or until solid in freezer-safe container.
When bananas are solid, dump half into blender.  Add in the desired amounts of cocoa and peanut butter, and top with the other half of the frozen bananas.  Secure lid and pulse mixture, stopping to scrape down sides occasionally.  When it starts to become creamy, begin to do longer spurts of blending until the consistency of soft-serve ice cream is reached.  

During the initial blending when the ice cream is being pulsed, it will be chunky, like this:

Don't worry though - just keep pulsing and scraping down, and it will turn creamy and smooth!

It's so simple and so wonderful.  The ice cream is delicious in its "soft-serve" form, but the Hubby and I often make a larger batch and freeze it.  Then you can portion it out with an ice cream scoop.  (Bear in mind that if you do freeze your ice cream after making it, it have the slightly more "crystal" taste of regular ice cream, rather than the pure smoothness of soft-serve ice cream).

Aren't you ready to go freeze some bananas?  I thought so ;)  Let me know if you try it or if you have any other flavor combos you're planning on trying!

I'll be sharing this yummy goodness over at these fun blogs this week.   Thanks for stopping by!

See this recipe featured at Polka Dots on Parade!  Thanks Jaime!
Whoa my gosh - and see it on Money Saving Mom's facebook page! 
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Proud Plant Parents

Yes, that's right folks.  We've taken the plunge into parenthood.  Plant parenthood, that is (that sounds a lot like Planned Parenthood.  Am I digressing already?  Crap).  This past week, at around 10:30 at night in a dark corner of our parking lot, my friend Emily and I potted the first container plants of the Dr. + Mrs. household.  Why 10:30 at night?  Well, mainly because we were started plant shopping at around 9:00.  That will pretty much do it!  

The Hubby and I are pretty proud of our plant babies.  I'm going to share photos with you now, while they are all fresh and new (and, you know, alive).  I've never grown a plant outdoors before, and I'm mildly terrified that I might have a black as night not-so-green thumb.

Anywho: Here is our over-the-railing planter, featuring herbs and flowers:

My three favorite and most-used herbs: Oregano, basil and cilantro.
These are Laguna Sky Blue.  Yes, they are supposed to drape over the sides of the container, they aren't dying of thirst already!   Also: that is my finger in the corner of the picture.  Apologies.

Next, our very pretty planter:

I adore this planter!  $10 at TJ Maxx....gotta love it!  In here are more Laguna Sky Blue, along with those little pink flowers (whose name I do not know) and that tall one that is currently sans-flowers is an Angelonia.  It will soon have white flowers. 

Last but certainly not least...our cherry tomato plant! 

He's a little dude right now, but I have high hopes for tons of cherry tomatoes sometime soon!

And finally, just because it is super cute, my new watering can in such a fun summer color:

I'll be honest, I think that the Hubby is shaping up to be a better plant parent than me.  The night after we planted them, we got a storm with really strong winds.  Being on the top floor of our building means that our deck turns into a wind tunnel!  So the dear Hubby went out and brought all of our little planties inside to be safe, not drowned and upright with their little roots in the soil.  While I laid in bed.  Ha!

Have you planted anything yet this spring?  Any tips that I should know about, being a newbie gardener and all (other than remembering to water them...I'm thinking I might need to put a reminder in my calendar!)?


Beauty advice, please!

We'll just get straight to the point - my face is SO DRY IT IS DRIVING ME BONKERS and I desperately need your advice.

Seriously.  It's been getting increasingly more dry (dryer?) for the past two months, since right around the time I had that yucky sinus infection.  So I thought it was related to that - maybe from the antibiotics?  The dry skin persisted after I was completely healthy and not taking any meds.  So I told myself, hey, maybe it's the change of seasons.  Well, the season has definitely changed, and the dry skin is still here.   Two.  Months.  Later.

I'm fairly certain I use decent facial moisturizer, Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin.  With SPF. 


But lately y'all?  It's not cutting it.  And I'm going crazy.  I normally moisturize in the morning and at night.  Once the dryness started, I was moisturizing during the day once as well.  Or twice.  Or three times.  Finally, it got to the point where I would put on lotion in the morning, and ten minutes later, my unbelievable dry face had already sucked it all up and was dry again.  Not only dry feeling, but also dry looking.  Gross. 

Scouting the internet for possible causes has proven useless:  There haven't been changes to my beauty routine - no new products, we use the same laundry detergent.  I don't use hot water to wash my face.  I exfoliate several times a week. I'm not sunburned. I don't smoke.  The weather is plenty humid.  My diet is well-rounded.  I was already a water-only drinker (okay, and coffee in the morning, but I drink water all day long), but I upped my water intake as much as I can handle, thinking maybe that would solve the problem.  Now, not only am I a slave to putting on face moisturizer seventeen times a day, I am also highly conscious of where the nearest bathroom is (What?  Have I needed to stop at Target twice now on my way home to use their bathroom, even though home is only about 2 miles from there?  Why yes.  Yes I have). 

You know what I've resorted to?  Vaseline.  Straight up petroleum jelly from the jar.  I don't even want to know what it's doing to my pores, but I refuse to put on face moisturizer every ten minutes.  And honestly, the Vaseline barely does the trick.

I'm sick of carrying a bottle of lotion with me everywhere I go and I'm sick of goopey Vaseline and I don't want to buy ten different kinds just to have them not work either.  So I come to you, the all-knowledgeable source of beautiful women who roam the blogging world.  Please.  Someone.  Have an answer for this.  Do you have a super moisturizing lotion that you use?  Or some trick?  Or know someone with a trick?  Or have some strange banana and egg concoction that you slather on that relieves dry skin?  I'm desperate!  Any suggestions are totally appreciated.


Auto-correct gone awry

Last night, I picked up my phone to see the following (aka the funniest texts I have ever received).  The first two frames are from my mom, the last one is my dad's interjection.

I had to white-out the gift, since the father that it is for peruses this blog occasionally.

Bahahaha..........by the time I got to the Do / Di lines, I was in tears.   I seriously was laughing so hard I couldn't even walk my phone over to the Hubby to show him.  And then my father has to interject with the correct store name - ha!

I plan on keeping this forever so that whenever I need a good belly laugh, I'll have one at my fingertips.  I'm so glad my mom is learning how to text.  Love you Mom :)

Can anyone relate?  Has auto-correct ever royally messed up one of your texts?    


Summer festival

Hello there - someone forgot to remind me that I have a blog, one on which I attempt to post with some semblance of regularity!  Sorry about that...There hasn't been anything too fascinating happening in these parts lately.  The Hubby studies all evening, every evening.  If he takes a break, we normally go for a motorcycle ride.  I've been taking to the porch and reading in lieu of crafting.  There haven't been any awesome culinary adventures to share.  So instead, I give you a smattering of photos from this weekend.

This past weekend, I was so happy and excited to spend some time with two of my college roommates, Emily and Ranae, both of whom have moved out of state.  We were blessed with great weather and sunny skies for our adventures, which included heading to a local summer art festival.  The best part?  Everything at the festival was free (except for the food - but we didn't have festival food anyway.  Food from a cart/stand when it's 90 degrees out gives me the heebie-jeebies!).

Aside from the arts and crafts sale (which gave me some great ideas!) and the concerts held at random stages throughout the city, there were various stations set up where you could create your own art.  The station we did was set up like this (my words aren't coming out well this afternoon, so I hope you understand what I'm attempting to illustrate):

Basically, it was a massive scaffolding, with cables holding four tabletops suspended from above.  With the tables being free-floating, you could push and rotate them in any direction you wanted.

At each table, there was a stationary arm with a pen holder at the end.  So you would lift the arm up, put a marker into the pen holder, and then (while still holding the arm up) you begin to move the table in whichever direction you want.  Once you have the table swinging the way you want, you lower the arm down and the marker makes awesome line drawings...like this:

Signing the artwork!
So proud!  ;)

Our little town rocks...and seriously?  So does summer.   Since this is "the last summer of our lives," we're hoping to live it up a little bit.  Hopefully there will even be camping at some point!


Calling all Old Navy fans!

Hey all you Old Navy fans....check this out:

Today on Groupon, you can get $20 to spend at Old Navy for just $10!  This is valid at any Old Navy location in the US.  The Groupon is good through July 30, and you can use it with other in-store promotions....which means some cute clothing for cute prices!   Head on over to Groupon's website to scoop one up before they're gone!

Yes, those are referral links.  So if you've never used Groupon before, and you buy through my link, I'll get a little Groupon Credit love!  ;)