Auto-correct gone awry

Last night, I picked up my phone to see the following (aka the funniest texts I have ever received).  The first two frames are from my mom, the last one is my dad's interjection.

I had to white-out the gift, since the father that it is for peruses this blog occasionally.

Bahahaha..........by the time I got to the Do / Di lines, I was in tears.   I seriously was laughing so hard I couldn't even walk my phone over to the Hubby to show him.  And then my father has to interject with the correct store name - ha!

I plan on keeping this forever so that whenever I need a good belly laugh, I'll have one at my fingertips.  I'm so glad my mom is learning how to text.  Love you Mom :)

Can anyone relate?  Has auto-correct ever royally messed up one of your texts?    


  1. My mom just waits til she sees one of the grandkids to have them read her the texts someone has sent her. It totally makes me laugh.

  2. This is hilarious! Oh auto-correct, what a mischief maker.

  3. Too funny. I sometimes can't decipher my mother's texts because she doesn't have autocorrect. Though I've found it can be helpful sometimes and other times wants to suggest the strangest things.

    There's a whole website dedicated to these (damnyouautocorrect.com) - funny, though usually very crass/profane. This (tame) one made me cry a little: http://damnyouautocorrect.com/images/celebs-9.jpg

  4. Love friends that have auto correct! Makes me belly laugh too.

  5. "Me too" turned into "Me poo," thanks to auto correct!

    The joys of technology! ;-)


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