Beauty advice, please!

We'll just get straight to the point - my face is SO DRY IT IS DRIVING ME BONKERS and I desperately need your advice.

Seriously.  It's been getting increasingly more dry (dryer?) for the past two months, since right around the time I had that yucky sinus infection.  So I thought it was related to that - maybe from the antibiotics?  The dry skin persisted after I was completely healthy and not taking any meds.  So I told myself, hey, maybe it's the change of seasons.  Well, the season has definitely changed, and the dry skin is still here.   Two.  Months.  Later.

I'm fairly certain I use decent facial moisturizer, Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin.  With SPF. 


But lately y'all?  It's not cutting it.  And I'm going crazy.  I normally moisturize in the morning and at night.  Once the dryness started, I was moisturizing during the day once as well.  Or twice.  Or three times.  Finally, it got to the point where I would put on lotion in the morning, and ten minutes later, my unbelievable dry face had already sucked it all up and was dry again.  Not only dry feeling, but also dry looking.  Gross. 

Scouting the internet for possible causes has proven useless:  There haven't been changes to my beauty routine - no new products, we use the same laundry detergent.  I don't use hot water to wash my face.  I exfoliate several times a week. I'm not sunburned. I don't smoke.  The weather is plenty humid.  My diet is well-rounded.  I was already a water-only drinker (okay, and coffee in the morning, but I drink water all day long), but I upped my water intake as much as I can handle, thinking maybe that would solve the problem.  Now, not only am I a slave to putting on face moisturizer seventeen times a day, I am also highly conscious of where the nearest bathroom is (What?  Have I needed to stop at Target twice now on my way home to use their bathroom, even though home is only about 2 miles from there?  Why yes.  Yes I have). 

You know what I've resorted to?  Vaseline.  Straight up petroleum jelly from the jar.  I don't even want to know what it's doing to my pores, but I refuse to put on face moisturizer every ten minutes.  And honestly, the Vaseline barely does the trick.

I'm sick of carrying a bottle of lotion with me everywhere I go and I'm sick of goopey Vaseline and I don't want to buy ten different kinds just to have them not work either.  So I come to you, the all-knowledgeable source of beautiful women who roam the blogging world.  Please.  Someone.  Have an answer for this.  Do you have a super moisturizing lotion that you use?  Or some trick?  Or know someone with a trick?  Or have some strange banana and egg concoction that you slather on that relieves dry skin?  I'm desperate!  Any suggestions are totally appreciated.


  1. So, I have no idea if this will work, but here goes:
    I was recently severely sun-burned (really bad... Dr. says I can't go outside for two weeks). While it's healing, my legs are really, really dry. She said the best thing was pure cocoa butter. She recommended finding it in a stick that you literally roll on like butter.... but I never found that. I just have a jar of cocoa butter. My concern is that it would leave your face really oily (my legs tend to be really oily after using it). But, it's certainly doing the trick on my legs.

  2. Usually a basic mostirizer should work, but you could keep up the vaseline trick at night and just sleep in it. Also, don't run your fan at night either (if you have one). Shower with your vent on and the door open. Get out right away, begin gently pat drying your skin, and then apply an ALL over lotion to your body, focusing on your face. Other then that, visit a COOL climate- you'll get moist all over and could cure it! I know it sounds lame, but it works for me EVERY time!

  3. That must be so annoying! Not sure if it'll work, but I use Cetaphil lotion and love it. Simple, affordable, and does the trick for me. Good luck, hope you figure something out!

  4. I swear by the stuff.

  5. Make your own!

    I melt equal parts (give or take) of:

    coconut oil
    shea butter

    and let it harden into a little bar. I use a small bowl. Pop it out and you have a lotion bar that melts slightly in your warm hands. If it's a little too oily for your face you could use less coconut oil.

    Works like a charm! But don't skimp on the beeswax. That seems to be what help the moisture "keep" once it's on.

  6. I would say just use pure , organice coconut oil. It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way.
    My dd is in cosmetology school,and keeps telling me about how bad the chemicals are for your skin/hair in most products that are readily available.
    Have no advice as to why you have this problem all of a sudden... hormone changes?

  7. Hi! I know you don't know who I am, but a friend of mine Liz (although we've never met..weird I know!) recommended your blog!! My hubby is in his 2nd year of residency, so I can absolutely relate to everything!! Anways, just wanted to recommend my personal favorite moisturizer: Philosphy, Hope in a jar!! It's a bit pricey, but trust me it's well worth it! You also just need a small amount..so it tends to last awhile!! I order mine through amazon to save a few bucks!! Good Luck to your hubby on match day...oooh I remember that day ALL too well!!

  8. Thanks for all of this generous advice on different types of moisturizers and ideas. I'm very intrigued by these homemade recipes...

    Isn't the blogging world just the best?? ;)

  9. I use coconut oil in summer and olive oil in winter on my skin - I buy organic, a little goes a long way and it moistens well. I wouldn't put Vaseline any where near my skin as it is a bi-product of petroleum.

  10. I'm sure you probably figured your skin problem out, but here's what worked for me! Starting my sophomore year of college, my skin would get so dry all year long that my cheeks would bleed if I opened my mouth. Sick. My worst point was on vacation in Miami a year after college, when I fell asleep on the beach in the sun after I'd sweated all my SPF off. My face was bleeding, cracking, blistered, and my skin was falling off in chunks. The most important thing for me was to use an oil-free, alcohol-free moisturizer. I used it like a mask and let it soak into my skin. Oil-free and alcohol-free was important because I wanted my skin to produce oils naturally, not based on the moisturizer I was using. I would rinse my face with water and pat it with a dry cloth. After a few weeks, I had real skin on my face instead of scabs, and I started using the Clinique 3-step skin care system, which was the first cleanser I ever used that didn't make my skin feel dry and tight. After I used the entire set, I repurchased it, along with the CVS version of Aveeno's Clear Complexion cleanser and moisturizer, and I switch off every other day because Clinique is a bit expensive. That's what worked for me, and I hope your skin is better now!


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