Little Mini-Match Day

While this is absolutely nothing compared to the actual process and importance of Match Day (plane tickets! interviews! ranking! anticipation like no other! computer doing matching! next three to six years of life! basis for entire future medical career!), the Hubby and I are going to be having our own little mini-match day here next week.  Although maybe this is the norm at all medical schools, I can't imagine that it is.  At our school, there are multiple campuses scattered across the state.  The Hubby and I had our first little mini-match day before medical school began to see where our main campus would be for the first two years of school.  Now, in preparation for the third and fourth years of medical school, we are applying for our clinical campus, with our little mini-match day results being shared this coming Monday.  

So there are six clinical campuses where we might land.  Two may-or-may-not-be in the most dangerous cities in the country (I recognize that this most likely sounds like an exaggeration.  However, it is not.  Literally.  The two most dangerous cities in the country).  Obviously, we'd prefer not to head to either of those locations.  I mean, I'm sure they are decent hospitals where the hubby would see lots of gunshot wounds get lots of great experience.  But I'd rather not have to hire a security detail to go to the grocery store with me, know what I'm saying?  Several clinical campuses are fairly rural, which I have nothing against, but the best technology and the biggest cases are obviously going to be seen at the larger metro hospitals.  The city where we live right now has a great clinical campus, and our preference would be to stay right here where we are.

Since we are married (go marriage!), we are allowed to submit a form for special consideration for our clinical campus assignment.  Also, as I am, you know, employed (a rarity in this state's economy - I believe our state still has one of the top five highest ranked in unemployment percentages) (man, aren't I making this sound like a peachy place to live?  You should move here!), we're hoping that our special consideration request is granted.  All we had to do was submit our marriage certificate and a letter from  the company where I have contracts.  For good measure, I also wrote a letter begging explaining why we should be granted our request to stay here for years three and four.

All of that being said, the thing about this whole processes that is most terrifying is that you get to put in request for your top pick.  That's it. No second or third choices.  No spot for a runner up.  So if we don't receive our special consideration request, this means that we could end up anywhere  (read: potentially one of the top two most dangerous cities in the States). While it would all work out and be fine and probably even better than anticipated, it sounds terrible to me right now.  Relocating again.  Finding another apartment.  Either finding new employment or being away from the Hubby for weeks at a time.  Hubby starving because I'm not there to make him dinner.   See? Just not good.  

In summary: we'd really, really like to stay here for years three and four.  If you care to throw up a few prayers that we are granted our special consideration request, it would be, um, vastly appreciated.    

Please.  And thanks.  You = the best!


  1. Wow! So much matching! You guys will be experts in Match Day by the time BIG Match Day rolls around!

    Good luck! I hope you get to stay right where you are!

  2. New reader here! I just found your blog yesterday and had to comment after reading on your About page that you and your husband play Hand and Foot. My husband and I LOVE that game and played it over and over when we were first married (6 years ago now)! We've been through several different game "phases" (we play a game to death and then move on to something new), but Hand and Foot is still a favorite.

    Love your blog!

    p.s. I just prayed for you. Hope your request is granted! :o)

  3. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! :)

  4. Good luck! It seems so early to match! Our school does it in October of 2nd year. Many of us go to MI, but we have like, 18 or something sites around the country. I was DEVASTATED when we didn't get our first pick of Grand Rapids... and instead got our 3rd pick of Detroit =) We make lists of 6 choices. I bawled and screamed and freaked out for 2 months before someone offered to trade us ;0)... I can guarantee you, it all works out as it is meant to be! Hope the weekend goes quickly for you =)

  5. That is definitely different from what we do here.
    Although, one benefit of someplace more rural is that hubby will get to do more. In a large teaching hospital there will be less 'hands-on' time since there will be a resident, intern, maybe a 4th year, (and here a 1st year).
    However having to relocate halfway through (and to certain places such as Detroit) sounds absolutely TERRIBLE. I hope you get to stay where you are for the clinical years!!

  6. Stopping by to say hi...thanks for commenting on my aged letters tutorial! I saw that you just got done reading a book by Francine Rivers...she's one of my all time favorites. :)

  7. You'll be fine. You'll be surprised after it all that everything falls in the right places. It's super stressful, but it's all worth it! Derek starts his 3rd year rotations in October and we're super excited! Class rank does come in handy... (Derek is 1st!) and it's nice to know that you get rewarded for your efforts. Good luck to you both!

  8. Did you end up getting mini-matched yet? Is it weird that we actually WANTED to come to Detroit? Because it was the closest clinical site Andy's school had to Wisconsin. It's not that bad. We don't live IN Detroit. I can even go grocery shopping without a body guard! And I haven't been shot at. Yet. :) Anyway. Excuse my creeping. I was just reading some of your old blog posts and realized you talk, er, write, a lot like my college roommate.


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