Several (completely) Unrelated Thoughts that make me EXCITED!

A rambling post filled with topics that are completely unrelated (aside from the fact that they all make me excited) is always better when broken down and numbered...right?  

1) We received our clinical campus placement for years three and four, and we will be...drum roll please....right where we applied to be!!!  =D  So excitedhappyrelievedecstatic .  We actually got the news earlier than I expected (obviously this girl can't read very well when anxious - the email clearly stated that we would be notified on Friday-ha!  Whoops...).  But hallelujah; we don't have to move (yet)!  

2) Apparently people really enjoy healthy ice cream, based on the all-time number of pageviews on my "most popular" posts.

That's madness.  Over twice as many pageviews as my next highest ever.  I have no idea where you all came from, but yay!  I'm glad to see such an overwhelming response to a delicious and simple recipe!

3) Time for a little glimpse into my past.  I grew up in a (rather) small town, which I will affectionately call D-town.  Don't get me wrong, D-town wasn't tiny: we had a stoplight, got a McDonald's when I was in high school, and only probably half of my friends lived on dirt roads.  But still, D-town was a fairly small town.  Small enough in that the town's dentist was also a farmer, and employed about a quarter of the kids in town for several weeks during the summer to pick strawberries.  Was I one of them?  Oh yes - yes I was.  A farmer at heart - that's me!  I actually worked on the farm all summer for a few summers, working from strawberry season to gladiola season to melon season to sweet corn season.  Strawberries were, and always have been, my favorite.  I'm fairly certain Doc lost money having me in the strawberry fields (kidding).  But I would eat at least a quart a day.  There isn't anything better than a freshly picked, slightly warm from the sun, unwashed (GASP!) berry. 

What is the point of this little trip down memory lane?  This is the point: I give you a photo of  the best berries in the world.

I have been absolutely craving real strawberries, the kind grown on a farm in Michigan, the ones that are small and sweet, not those strange monstrous creatures from California that are bitter and gritty and all that we can get to satisfy our strawberry cravings for most of the year.   Strawberry season is so short here, maybe three good weeks if we are lucky.  I have been harassing calling all of the farms near where we live, asking the all important question, "Do you have berries yet??".  The answer was repeatedly no.  

Finally, driving through an area where I don't normally frequent, I saw it, shimmering in rustic beauty: a fruit stand on the side of the road.  I jumped out, paid their three dollars-highway robbery-for a quart of berries and was so excited to get home to try them.  

Then I quickly realized - no berries are as good as Doc's berries.  I don't know what it is about them, but they are always perfect.  Biased opinion?  Perhaps.  But nevertheless, I was disappointed.

The Hubby and I met my folks and sister on Saturday night at a restaurant to celebrate Father's Day, and guess what my mother brought me: berries.  Doc's berries.  Two beautiful quarts of perfectly sweet, perfectly plump, perfectly ripe berries.  You'll never find a berry with a white tip or green top in a quart from Doc's....right Katie??  ;)  

Anyway - we've been in strawberry bliss around here the past couple of days.  Strawberry crepes on Sunday, strawberries and oatmeal this morning, strawberry snacks often!

Please, feel free to wipe the drool off your keyboard: 

4) It's June 21 tomorrow....the first day of SUMMER!  I don't think that needs anymore explanation, now does it? 

That's completes my list of random things that are making me excited today.  A good mini-match day, people enjoying my banana ice cream, the best strawberries in the world, and summer beginning tomorrow.  What's got you excited today?


  1. Random excitement is the best! SO glad you get to stay where you wanted! Told you everything works out for the best! My happy thought for the day was that Derek scored yet another 100% on his test! Yaaay! Now he can focus on the board exams! Oh happy day!

  2. Awesome! Congrats on your desired placement. And D-town sounds like a magical place. I totally agree with California berries being sub-par. We have them shipped to our state by the truckload but from mid June to mid July we have our own homegrown berries which are a million times better. Maybe even the same variety as yours...at least they look the same. Huzzah for random exciting things!!

  3. Yay! We went through that same mini-match day and got what we wanted too... I know that nice feeling of knowing you're at least settled for the next couple of years!

    And (as you've already noticed), I adore strawberries that much too.

  4. Your banana/peanut butter/cocoa frozen yogurty thing was featured on the Money Saving Mom blog...she had a huge following...and that's how I found you! I think I passed the link around to about 5 or 6 friends as well... ;) Sounds delish! Haven't tried it yet, but plan on it! And I really enjoy your blog. You seem like a real sweetheart!

    P.S. You're making me jealous with those strawberries! :)


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