Summer festival

Hello there - someone forgot to remind me that I have a blog, one on which I attempt to post with some semblance of regularity!  Sorry about that...There hasn't been anything too fascinating happening in these parts lately.  The Hubby studies all evening, every evening.  If he takes a break, we normally go for a motorcycle ride.  I've been taking to the porch and reading in lieu of crafting.  There haven't been any awesome culinary adventures to share.  So instead, I give you a smattering of photos from this weekend.

This past weekend, I was so happy and excited to spend some time with two of my college roommates, Emily and Ranae, both of whom have moved out of state.  We were blessed with great weather and sunny skies for our adventures, which included heading to a local summer art festival.  The best part?  Everything at the festival was free (except for the food - but we didn't have festival food anyway.  Food from a cart/stand when it's 90 degrees out gives me the heebie-jeebies!).

Aside from the arts and crafts sale (which gave me some great ideas!) and the concerts held at random stages throughout the city, there were various stations set up where you could create your own art.  The station we did was set up like this (my words aren't coming out well this afternoon, so I hope you understand what I'm attempting to illustrate):

Basically, it was a massive scaffolding, with cables holding four tabletops suspended from above.  With the tables being free-floating, you could push and rotate them in any direction you wanted.

At each table, there was a stationary arm with a pen holder at the end.  So you would lift the arm up, put a marker into the pen holder, and then (while still holding the arm up) you begin to move the table in whichever direction you want.  Once you have the table swinging the way you want, you lower the arm down and the marker makes awesome line drawings...like this:

Signing the artwork!
So proud!  ;)

Our little town rocks...and seriously?  So does summer.   Since this is "the last summer of our lives," we're hoping to live it up a little bit.  Hopefully there will even be camping at some point!


  1. Glad to see you're in shorts and flip flops now! :)

  2. Looks like a grand (and sunny) time was had by all! Very snazzy art station... thingy.

  3. Ohhh that sounds like a fun festival! I love things like that...and that is sweet art! Really! And I am dying to go camping too... :)

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