Do you see what I see...

I was really excited for this...

Until three days later when we saw THIS!

Do you see what I see?   Not only are our plants still alive and kicking, but the tomato plants actually have blooms and [drumroll please] baby tomatoes!!  I have high, high hopes for some ripe tomatoes soon.  Thank goodness they are cherry tomatoes; I would NOT have the patience to wait for full-sized tomatoes to grow and ripen!

The "still alive" part can mostly be credited to the best-plant-parent-in-the-world (Hubby) and these super sweet watering globes (from Meijer of all places!).

Functional, beautiful, and I don't have to water the plants every day?  Win-win-win!  
How does your garden grow?

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  1. Pretty plants! They remind me of summer. All I see here is Cactus and I'm so sick of it! Good luck with your busy work week/schedule! You are a rock star!



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