The Greatest Fourth in the North Recap

Our Fourth of July weekend, spent at the in-laws house, in photos:

 We hung out at the sandbar in the lake, complete with volleyball, grilling and a DJ...
So. many. boats!

Had bonfires and s'mores...
(see the heart?  drawn for me by my cute Hubby)

Enjoyed the beautiful sunsets...
Mildly edited...I couldn't resist.

Set off these crazy lantern things that were basically mini-hot air balloons with a ball of fire inside...
My worrisome personality was paranoid one was going to end up on a roof when it floated away!

Watched the city's fireworks:
Ignore the blur ;)

And finally...we ran a 5k (which we've never ever done before!!)... 
Freezing my buns off at about 6:45am, and only 55 degrees!  And I had been worried about being too hot during our race!

I know, right?  If you know me, my lifetime motto has been to avoid running unless being chased by a bear.  Or maybe a goose.  But the Hubby and I were challenged invited by our "up-north" neighbors to run the annual 4th of July 5K.  While I might despise running, I have a very hard time turning down a challenge!  So for the past month, the Hubby and I have been training - please use that term lightly - and ended up finishing the race in 25:49.  We were super happy with our time...and it put me in 7th place for my age group.   Maybe we'll try this again?? 


  1. Yay! Congrats on your 5k time. I have been wanting to run one for a while.

  2. Cute little lanterns and charcoal heart. :)

    I'm super jealous of your running (darn these asthmatic lungs). Great job finishing, and what a nice time on your first go!

  3. It looks so beautiful up there!!!! I love lakes! They are so pretty!

  4. Way to go! I ran my first 5k race this year too... I used to hate running too, but I think the thrill of finishing a race is a little addicting :)

  5. So cute. Oh dear, don't become hooked!! The run really is all about the challenge, otherwise it gets boring.


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