Sometimes, it's okay to be Square

You know how you have those friends whom you've known forever?  The ones that know more about you than is probably good or necessary?  The ones that you know will be there for you, for your entire life, no matter what happens?  

These are my girls.  We have grown up together, knowing each other literally forever.  I was baptized as an infant with one of them, and grew up in church together.  Another one's grandma babysat me from about age two onward, so she was my "first friend"....my earliest memory is at her grandma's house. The third was a year younger than us in school, so we first became friends during after-school 4th-6th grade choir in middle school.  Since then, we've all been inseparable.  

We are called the Square (primarily because there are four of us) and have been known as such since our very first Square trip, which was (ohmygosh) five summers ago already.  Heading north, we went to Mackinac Island (you know, the place with no motorized vehicles other than an ambulance?) and stayed in a cabin for a few nights.  This is where we first dubbed ourselves the Square, and, as you can tell, we became Square obsessed!

My goodness we look like such babies!  Since this trip, we've had engagements, weddings, a baby, graduations, new jobs and many moves...

Another Square Trip...this one from last summer, where we hit the coast (of the Great Lakes, not like an ocean's coast) and stayed in a very swanky hotel.

Somehow I always miss the dress code memo.

Anywho, that's probably far enough down memory lane for most of you, despite the fact that I could continue forever.  We took the latest Square Trip this past Sunday-Monday, and went to a Tigers baseball game (if you know me at all, you are laughing at the thought of me watching an ENTIRE baseball game!).  There was definitely some guilt on my part for leaving poor Hubby alone during finals week - AKA without someone to make him dinner - but he managed to survive.  I don't have very many photos, which always seems to happen when there are multiple cameras.  I'm waiting veeeerrry patiently to have the rest of the photos emailed to me!  But here's what I have...

Tigers Stadium.  It was sunny out the day of the game, I promise.
In Detroit.  We tried to find Eminem but couldn't.  (kidding)
We found a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner.  Complete with Rhianna music?  They might not have set the mood very well, but man did they make a mean gnocchi.  Also: are those ladies in black not the most beautiful women you've ever seen?
We did some outlet shopping on Monday.  And by "some," I mean we shopped for longer than I've ever shopped in my life.  Beautiful Kate (aren't you jealous of that hair???) contemplated getting these camo-print flats for her wedding reception shoes.  Despite the fact that her fiance is in the Army and currently deployed (but home on mid-tour leave right now!!), she decided to pass.

The Square.  My girls.  I love them.

And here, just to make you giggle: an "old time" photograph we had taken on Mackinac Island during our first Square trip.  We. look. ridiculous!

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