Med School: Year Two (??!?!)

Well, I think that my mother was the only one that noticed, so I'll go ahead and point it out - the blog has a new title caption.  I figured it was about time to ditch the "newly-wedded" portion of my blog theme here...I mean 15 months of marriage puts us out of newly-wed stage, right?  And then I realized that I'm not married to a new medical school student now either....I'm married to a second year medical school student.  

Hold the phone.  Second year?  

Yikes!  When did that happen, exactly??  I mean, obviously, I know when (in the last 365 days).  But honestly, it shocks me that we're heading into year two.  It strikes me as humorous to think that at this time last year, I was in a desperate panic mildly nervous about what med school would be like or look like or feel like for us.  There were some (very realistic) fears running a happy race through and around my brain: Would I ever see the Hubby?  Would he really be doing school for 60-80 hours a week?  Would we have enough time for us?  What would I do every night while he studied??

Now, going into our second year of this crazy journey called medicine, my worries have been (for the most part) relieved.  Yes, I will see my husband.  He might be studying, but he will be at home as much as he realistically can be.  Yes, he will be doing school for 60-80 hours each week, but he needs to stay on top of school.  If he starts to feel behind, he'll get stressed out, which stresses me out.  Being proactive and prepared means less stress for everyone.  Yes, we have enough time for us, but quality time together changes.  Instead of a date night out somewhere every week, it might be a quiet and relaxing evening in, curled up on the couch, watching an NCIS rerun.  And while the Hubby studies every night?  There's cooking, crafting, reading and phone calls to far away friends to occupy this girl.  I think have thoroughly learned the art of self-entertainment!

I would say that the biggest key to enjoying (yes, enjoying!) medical school would be to understand that it is a sacrifice for both the student and the spouse.  The time, effort and money spent on medical school means that there isn't going to be excessive time, energy or money for other things.  The student is sacrificing to be in medical school, while the spouse is sacrificing because of medical school.  The student might lose their free time (and some might say freedom), but the spouse loses spending time with their spouse.  But, in the end, it will be worth it...or so they tell me!  No matter what happens, how many hours are spent in the books, how much loan money is taken out, if test scores are lower than hoped or you don't get your first choice on Match Day...in the end...you're in it together!

The hardest part of beginning med school are the countless unknowns that are all looming.  If you're just starting this whole med school journey and have any questions or concerns or qualms about medical school, feel free to send me an email at mdschoolmrs(at)gmail(dot)com.  I'd love to shed some light wherever I can!


  1. Ah man, year two is definitely better in the nervous catagory. Although, my mad dash to find as much real life information about spouse-life led me to your blog, so I guess those nerves came in handy. :)

    Let's do this thing!

  2. ha! that's exactly what i've been thinking like 5 times a week lately. "second year...when did that happen?!"

    and it is enjoyable. sometimes. :)

  3. Congrats to you (and your hubby!) for surviving first year!

  4. Big step! Second year wasn't too bad. The worst was Pharm and Path- huge time takers! Also Boards 1. Okay, so it's tough but you can do it!

  5. I know at the beginning, med school (and then residency) seems like it will take forever, but it seriously goes fast. Good for you on having perspective about being in it together and figuring out how to enjoy it. I am very good at self-entertainment too - and while I miss seeing my hubby, I think being able to have independence and my own interests is great. Plus if we wallow all the time (some of the time is OK, because it is really hard sometimes...) in not getting to see our spouse we won't be enjoying life in the meantime. And there can be great things about these years!

  6. You summed it up SO well. Especially the part about sacrifice on the part of the spouse and the student, and exactly where and how those sacrifices are made.


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