Domestic. Fail.

So y'all know that I've been wicked busy right?   I am telling you this story, not because I am proud of the fact that it happened, but simply to reassure you that this blog is not the only thing suffering from my chaotic schedule.  (The following conversation, which occurred last weekend, is paraphrased.  Heavily).

Hubby: Wife, let us enjoy a bottle of wine this evening.  

Wife:  That sounds lovely, dear husband.  Please select a bottle from our mildly tacky wine rack full of sale priced wine from Meijer wine cellar.  

Hubby (carefully selecting a bottle): My goodness!  The amount of dust on this bottle gives it the appearance of being well-aged and expensive...I believe that we should drink this one. 

Domestic.  Fail.  

I'm going to go dust now.  

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  1. Love the convo recap. I dust {not frequently enough}, but I never ever ever think to dust my wine bottles. Perhaps if you drink them faster, it will be one less item to dust!

    Your post has inspired me ... not to dust, but to reward myself with a glass of wine. Playing with a 20-month old is seriously hard work {read - EXHAUSTING, but FUN!}.


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