Meet Franklin

Have I mentioned Frank before?  I've been spending a lot of QT with him lately.  Normally between 12-14 hours a day.  And before you wonder if the Hubby's getting jealous, don't worry.  Frank is my work truck.  

I know, you're wondering, seriously?  Does this girl really name all of her modes of transportation (aka Indy and Isra)?  It's not true, I promise.  My car doesn't have a name.  Neither does the Hubby's.   But when you spend as much time in a truck as I do, you can't just call it "the truck."  That simply doesn't do it justice.  He's got personality, and I may or may not talk to him and encourage him through sticky situations.  

(Think I'm a total quack yet?)

Frank may be a little bit older...and he may have a few bumps and bruises and dents and scratches...but he's my Frank!  

We've had our fair share of adventures together.  A couple of winters ago, we slid into a ditch together-tow truck to the rescue.  A few summers back, we got wicked stuck in a swamp-farmer with a tractor to the rescue.  Last year, a deer (a fawn, actually, spots and all), careened into the driver's side door-there was no chance of rescue for that baby deer.  This past week, Frank had a little temper tantrum while working...his steering completely went out!  We had absolutely nothing - the steering wheel would rotate completely and the tires stayed completely straight.  Thank the high heavens that we were only going about 10 mph down a road rather than 70 mph on the freeway! 

Thank you to AAA for towing our behinds, to Amanda C. for finding us a dealership and to Mike the service man for tracking down the rare part that broke in Frank's steering column!  People are so great ;)

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