Saving Money in Med School: Daily Deal Sites

Welcome to Part 3 of my Saving Money in Medical School Series: Daily Deal Sites!  (If you missed the first two installments, you can read them here Part 1: Coupons 101 and here Part 2: General Money Saving Websites).

Basically, there are two types of Daily Deal Sites: Local and Online.  Each day, these sites will feature one or several companies who offer their goods or services for 50-90% off the normal price.  Most of these sites will give you a $2 or $5 or even $10 credit when you sign up, making their deals even sweeter!

My favorite local Daily Deal Sites, where you can purchase vouchers for various businesses in your local area are:


For local daily deals, after purchasing the voucher, you simply print it out and take it into the business (after making sure to read the fine print!).  Some of the deals and steals that either I've gotten or know people who have purchased through these sites include: spa services (massage, hair treatments and cuts, facials, nails, etc), retail stores, many local restaurants (a great way to try a new place without needing to worry too much if you'll like it or not!), dry cleaning, car washes, sky diving, golfing, rock climbing & white water rafting (obviously not in MI!), museum admissions, health club memberships....the list goes on and on!

Online daily deal sites offer promotions that are used to purchase goods from online merchants.  After you purchase an online daily deal, you will be emailed the promo code or the other instructions on how to redeem the deal at the online merchant's website.  And before you ask why I subscribe to a site called "MamaSource"....I have nieces and nephews, and every other person that I know is having a baby....can you say shower gifts??

Deal Pulp
Bitsy Bug

The Clymb (all outdoors/adventure/hiking/camping)

These online daily deal sites feature things such as kids gear (clothing, books, meal supplies, toys, accessories, cloth diapers, etc), adult gear (beauty and fitness supplies, accessories, jewelry, clothing, etc), vitamins and supplements, meal planning, cases of wine, home furnishings and photo printing websites...basically anything you can imagine!

I love using Daily Deal sites to buy gifts for people (Christmas half off? Yes, please!), to enjoy a dinner out or to do something fun on the cheap with the Hubby, and to treat myself to the occasional (much-needed) pampering!  Another idea is if you're planning on vacationing somewhere, sign up for the local daily deals a few weeks in advance.  You might be able to score an awesome deal on something fun to do while you're there or try out local restaurants, instead of sticking with the dreaded chain restaurants!

Yes, those links are my personal referral links, and if you sign up through them and buy a deal, I'll get a credit to those sites.  Be nice and use my links, because  I wrote this post for you, and we all love kickbacks for sharing the good news about great deals!

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