Saving Money in Med School: General Money Saving Websites

Continuing onward from Coupons 101 in my little "Saving Money in Medical School" series, here are a few of my favorite general money saving websites.  I use them for various purposes, and have found that it's best to limit yourself to just a few different websites.  There are hundreds of money saving websites and one could spend all day trying to read them all.  Find a few favorites and stick with them to actually see some deals and steals!

Money Saving Mom (She’s the one that got me hooked on couponing!).
Mojo Savings (This one normally has a “best price on diapers” weekly feature, as well as pretty much every freebie sample in the world).
Saving Addiction (Does Meijer match-ups...Midwesterner's unite!).

These sites will do the weekly “match-ups” of the sales fliers to the current coupons (how they keep track of all of those coupons, I have no idea!).  Here’s an example of a Meijer weekly match-up.  Also, these sites often use a lot of “coupon lingo,” here are some definitions of common couponing terms for you so you aren’t saying “ONYO what??”

These websites will also direct you to special coupons that might not be on the normal coupon printing websites.  They’ll also have samples you can sign up for – lots of travel size shampoo, toothpaste, etc, which is always handy!  I keep samples in our second bathroom so that when people are visiting, they can use them if they forgot something.

And of course there is the Drugstore Game…which I “play” at Walgreens.  It’s because of the drugstore game that the Hubby has forbidden me to buy toothpaste unless I can get it for free (or make money!).  

Next time, I'll share my favorite daily deal websites and how they work!  


  1. Well, I have not heard of any of those sites... I will go check them out.
    Thanks for sharing....

  2. Money Saving Mom is one of my favorites! I play the drugstore game at CVS. It is just SO addicting! And guess what? I'm banned from toothpaste too. I promise that we have enough tubes to last us until we retire.

  3. Why don't i live in Michigan?! That site is amazing!

  4. I sent this blog to my girls, both very good at being thrifty! Can you believe you are in year 2!!???!!!!

    Love you,


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