Dear Summer:

Dear Summer:

Please come back!  I miss you so much.  Two weeks ago, it was sunny and hot and lovely.  Last week, I wore my long janes to work. 
I'm just not ready for thermal weather already!  Now?  It's dark out by 8:00!  If you could please make one last stand, I would so appreciate it.  Preferably on a Saturday, so I can sit out on our balcony and soak up some of your glorious rays.

Until then, I'll be reliving one of my favorite days of the summer - when the Hubby and I took Isra up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and the surrounding beautiful region...perfect for a leisurely ride, photography and a few samples of vino...

Working our way through the scenic drive...

Stop #9...aka the Hubby's proposal location choice 26 months ago

While cruising....an old fishing village and a wine cellar

Home of the world's best pretzel bread...or so we've heard ;)

I fell in love with this barn.  Hardcore.  You'd think I was a country girl or something...
Looking at the positives...at least we don't have a freeze warning tonight!  Our plant babies can sleep outside again finally.  Pulling them in for multiple nights in a row was getting old!!

Preparing for hibernation,


  1. Can we PLEASE trade? I am SO tired of 100 degree Texas weather. Or at least could we just average your temps and mine? (Although I'm sure as soon as it cools off here, I'll be ready for summer again too!).

    Love your pictures. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi MJ! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog about my daughter's lunches. I'm not sure which boxes you are referring to. Shoot me an email and I'll give you the info. ham1099@yahoo.com

  3. Those photos are beyond gorgeous - now that's a fantastic summer memory!

  4. Your photos are wonderful - no they're better than that. Love Mom

  5. Lovely!

    I've been writing similar letters to summer... though one perk of moving practically to the south is that I haven't quite used the heater yet :)

  6. Spectacular pictures! Looks like you really enjoyed summer while it lasted.

    Love the barn!

  7. Hey my sweet!
    I haven't read you in a while, it was nice to catch up. 88 degrees here today and not a cloud in the sky but the sun has shifted and it feels like autumn. Sunrise 6:30ish and sunset (because we don't spring forward) 7:00 pm. I baked an apple pie yesterday, so thankful for Washington apples, I have definitely missed Michigan summer produce.
    Love you, Susie

  8. Sleeping Bear Dunes? Do you live in Michigan? Because I do, and I'm new as of this June

  9. Love these gorgeous Michigan photos!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Small world! I would kill for the Greenwell Mac & Cheese recipe - I've never had another one as good as theirs and I've tried a lot! Every time I go there I plan on trying something different but can't seem to turn down the mac & cheese - it's just too good!


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