My Husband, the overachiever

There's a slight chance that I'm married to a mild overachiever (I mean this in the most loving, proud and honoring way possible).  Not only is he a medical school rockstar, but he has piled on the extracurricular activities this year.

In addition to school, the Hubby is "blue-coating" anatomy this year.  I'm assuming that blue-coating is a term unique to our school, since I googled it and had no results.  Basically, the Hubby is helping to teach/proctor anatomy to the first year med students.  The instructor and students teaching in the lab wear blue coats, thus blue-coating.  In short, my assumption that I was finished with the Eau du Deceased after last year was a rather large mistake.  The Hubby initially wasn't going to take the opportunity to blue-coat when he was asked to at the end of last year, but when he hadn't signed up for an interview after the final date to do so, he was requested again to do it.  And well, the Hubby loves anatomy.  A lot.  He took all of the highest level anatomy classes offered at our undergrad university and did graduate work in anatomy before beginning medical school.  I would not be surprised at all if in 30 years when we are old and gray, the Hubby wants to teach anatomy at a medical school somewhere.   So, we succumbed (is that grammatically correct S?  Or maybe you, Anne?  My head cold is currently preventing me from caring, and you two are likely the only ones who will notice.  Why do I know so many editors?)...he to less study time, and me to more Eau du Deceased laundry.

In addition to school and blue-coating, the Hubby is on the leadership team for his school's Emergency Medicine Interest Group.  For EMIG, there are meetings and dinners, orientations and shadowing (one super sweet one coming up that involves a helmet and flight suit!).  There is also recruiting members and communicating with all of them the upcoming events and opportunities.  

In addition to school, blue-coating and EMIG leadership, the Hubby is on the leadership team for Christian Medical Association.  For CMA, there are picnics and dinners, bible studies and cleaning (the student lounge is apparently the only room not on the list to be cleaned by the janitorial staff, so CMA said they'd do it every week.  Aren't they sweet?).  [CMA actually takes up part of my time too, because I make dinner for their weekly bible studies.  Homemade, nutritious and delicious dinners.  For 14 or 18 or 22 starving medical students who are living off of fast food, ramen noodles, and thrice daily bologna sandwiches.  They appreciate it so much that my struggle to get that much food to them at the appointed time can be easily overlooked.  (Can I entice you med students to come tomorrow evening?  There will be grownup mac & cheese with homemade roasted tomato soup and carrot cake for dessert...come, eat, talk Jesus!]. 

In addition to school, blue-coating, EMIG leadership and CMA leadership, the Hubby is also doing research with a local fellow.  It's off to a mind-numbingly pretty slow start, but we're hoping to have the bulk of it over and completed by early spring, so that there can be more focus on that all too important Step 1 Exam. 

In addition to school, blue-coating, EMIG leadership, CMA leadership and doing research, the Hubby and I lead a small group bible study through our church, which meets three times a month.  Our church, which we need to officially join.  So you can add "taking church membership class" to this list too.

In addition to school, blue-coating, EMIG leadership, CMA leadership, doing research and leading our small group, my Hubby is an over-achiever because he is such (SUCH!) a great husband.  Does he always have time to take out the garbage?  No.  Has he ever Does he regularly clean the toilets?  No.  Do we go out on lavish dates every week, complete with roses and wine?  No.  

But does he love me more and better than I could ever imagined?  Does my heart still skip a beat when he gets home at 9pm  smelling like Eau du Deceased?   Is he the best husband for which I could ever ask/hope/dream?  Does he inspire me to be a better wife, a better person?  Does he honor me and cherish me, respect me and encourage me, reassure me and motivate me?  Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!  

My husband, the overachiever.  What a blessing he is to call mine.


  1. Whew, sounds like a busy semester. And sounds like your hubby has himself a pretty sweet wife!

    (Also: perfectly acceptable usage. The irony though is that in addition to meaning "to give in" it can also be "to die from a disease/injury." So I'm afraid those poor anatomy subjects have also succumbed...)

  2. Sounds like a crazy next couple of months! I have a feeling our husbands would get along very well.... they seem very similar!
    xoxo Hang in there girl!

  3. This makes me want to write a post bragging about Andy! :) You're lucky to have such a great husband.

  4. Beautiful my sweet! Hubby doesn't have time for a blog but I'm sure his would say, "My wife the best!" Love your teamwork. So thankful for you and hubby!


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