Beatboxing. Cellist. Ah-may-zing.

We had the absolute honor of seeing Gungor perform recently.  If they are ever going to be in a town near you, or within a two hundred mile radius of you, I would totally recommend buying a ticket for yourself.  And your family.  And your friends.  They are simply unbelievable live. 

In this video above, the cellist beatboxes (as he did when they performed).  How cool is that?  You have to watch it.  At any one time, all three of the musicians at the concert were playing between one and three instruments. 

Their new album is out.   The Hubby just bought and downloaded it.  I cannot wait to listen to it! 

I hope your weekend was relaxing.  Mine involved too much running around to be considered relaxing, but my heart is full.  For what more could I ask?

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  1. I like this band too! I find myself humming Beautiful Things on a regular basis.


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