Conversations with the future doctor, parts 3 & 4

It's been a very long and intense grueling painful arduous week of studying here in the Dr + Mrs household.  Perhaps too much fun last weekend (and I never even mentioned the wedding we had, in addition to my birthday) had a negative affect on the Hubby's normally meticulous study routine??  

We've definitely been paying for it....it's been nothing but serious work around here for the last six days.  The Hubby has his Infectious Disease & Immunology domain (aka Bugs & Drugs) exam tomorrow morning at 7.30am.  Needless to say, we've had a very fun weekend ;)

For your giggling pleasure, two (all-too-common) conversation snippets from this weekend.   

Part 3 : [Saturday, around 9.30pm]
Hubby: Okay, I think I'm going to be done studying for tonight.
Wife: That's probably allowed.  You've been studying for at least 14 hours today.
Hubby: (ponders) No, no - nope.  I can keep going - I've got one more bug in me.
Wife: takes this statement literally and laughs at thought "one more bug" inside of her husband (thinking of a bug like a caterpillar, not some harmful bug like diphtheria.  I wouldn't laugh if my husband had diphtheria!  Gosh.  What were you thinking??).

Part 4 : [Sunday, early afternoon]
Hubby:  Okay.  I think I'm going to do drugs for the next 3-4 hours.
Wife: patiently waits for husband to realize what he just stated.  (He didn't). (And he meant STUDY drugs, just for clarification).

I'm sure you're curious what I did all weekend while my primary form of entertainment was up to his eyeballs in his bugs and drugs.  Aside from quizzing the Hubby, of course.

Fall cleaning!  Yay!  Isn't spending A-L-L day doing things like vacuuming under all of the furniture, cleaning the air vents and de-liming the coffee pot everybody's favorite way to spend a glorious, unseasonably warm day??  ;)

Lesson learned this weekend: There are some things that I simply cannot do alone.  For instance, I should not attempt to move a king-sized mattress by myself.  There were several moments of sheer mattress-tottering panic before the Hubby came to my rescue!!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  Maybe you're a lucky duck and have Columbus Day off from work! 


  1. So funny! Especially your husband doing a couple hours of drugs :)

    I thought that I was good at keeping myself occupied. But you have totally impressed me with your mad fall cleaning skills. Attempted self-mattress moving? Impressive.

  2. This made me laugh! We have totally had the drug conversation too!...Sometimes I quiz him on his drugs and he'll be like, "will you do drugs with me later tonight?" LOL. Sure, honey. Let's do drugs. Just too funny. :)


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