Day of Birth

Isn't it funny how with every passing year, birthdays become a little less awesome?  I mean, let's face it, birthdays are great when you are a kid: toys, birthday party, too much cake.   The "milestone" birthdays are fun, because you can celebrate firsts: getting a driver's license,  then buying your first lotto ticket (which I've yet to do), then having a glass of wine.  But after that?  What's next to get excited about, turning 30??  No toys, no parties, no cake unless you make one for yourself.  

Now that I'm thoroughly depressed with the lack of cake in my belly (kidding - my MIL made me cookies, which I would choose over cake any day)...it was my birthday this week.  Since I am >21 and <30, it wasn't a milestone.  The highlights of my day consisted of driving our dear friend Kyle to the airport, touring an art show downtown and eating some of the best Ahi tuna I've ever enjoyed at a restaurant we would never normally go to (thanks Groupon!).   Here are some highlights of our art tour for your viewing pleasure: 

1: tribute to fallen soldier
2: the Hand of God [depiction of Jacob wrestling with God]
3: monkeys hanging on a bridge [doesn't this remind you of these?]
4: huge dog sculpture [made of reclaimed junk]
5: bears in a fountain [carved with a chainsaw!]
6: a map of the USA [made out of cast iron skillets]

7: horse sculpture [jumping over me!]
8: tile mosaic of the crucifixtion
9: close up of tile detail
 10: field of wildflowers [made of plastic waterbottles]
11: art in action [see the guy painting on the right]

Also, this father/son duo was one of my favorites...they were the best "statues" I'd ever seen.  Check out the video for proof!  (don't mind me saying 'thank you' and 'sorry' a dozen times to all of the people ducking under my recording). 
All in all, it was a darn good day, primarily because any time spent with the Hubby with minimal studying occurring (which he may or may not be regretting right now!) is a good time!  

PS - thanks for having me, parents!  The Hubby and I appreciate it ;)


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great day!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you!

    No parties or toys, but looks like you got a nice day to view art. :)

  3. We are glad to have you as a daughter, it is we who appreciate you.


  4. Thanks everyone! You're too sweet. It was a GORGeous day and I was so thankful to spend a little QT with the Hubby. ;)

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! I just go ahead and get excited about every birthday of mine, milestone or no :) I love birthdays.

    Looks like it was a beautiful day for an art tour - my mom has been posting photos of many of these same pieces, and I wish I lived closer so I could come see it all in person!


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