Fall-esque decor...better late than never

Most blogs have probably moved on from fall related posts to winter ones, but I like to extend fall as long as I can!  I mean, come on, it's still October people!  We should at least pretend it wasn't 29 degrees this morning or that my car had a quarter inch of frost on it! 

Last year, I didn't really have any fall-esque decor.  Actually, we didn't really have any seasonal decor whatsoever (save for Christmas!).  Instead of buying fun decorations prior to or during the appropriate season, I just waited until the seasons were winding down and bought everything on clearance, in a true frugalista fashion.  So last year, our fall/halloween decorations went up on November 1st!  Don't worry, they did go up in a more timely fashion this year than this post is being written!  

Can we talk about how I adore having a mantel to decorate?  I mean, I might not be the greatest at it, but I do enjoy having the option available ;)

The vast majority of those decorations are from Meijer, of all places.  The tray and floral picks aren't, nor are the candles (pumpkin pie candles - is there anything better??).

The crackly black pumpkin on the far right is one of those Dollar Tree foam pumpkins, painted using a crackle medium.  I had a very classy painting technique:

1 - jam pencil into bottom of pumpkin so you can paint the entire thing without waiting for it to dry or getting paint all over your hands.  2 - use an old plastic salad greens lid as your palette.  3 - allow pumpkins to dry balanced on frappuccino bottles.  4 - can you tell I do my painting on my dryer?  I told you - classy!

During our annual Shipshewana flea market trip, my sister and I each got one of these cutie pie metal jack-o-lanterns. 

I'll have you know that is a hand held, two second long exposure on the right.  Shazaam!  I think my heart must have stopped beating.

But...my favorite fall-esque decor can be found on my front door!  Just a little project I completed one night a couple of weeks ago while the Hubby was gone shadowing.

Don't you love it?  My corn husk wreath...and I thought the only purpose for corn husks was tamale making!  I was totally and completely inspired by Brandi's Corn Husk Wreath over at Don't Disturb This Groove.  She based her wreath on a tutorial by Martha Stewart...but personally I think Brandi's turned out much better!  She's got great how-to instructions on her blog, so head over there to see how it comes together.   

My wreath used a 14" wreath form, less than 16 ounces of corn husks (I bought a pound at Save a Lot for $3.69), and some fall-ish floral picks from Hobby Lobby.  I couldn't find the u-shaped pins that Brandi used, so I bought these at Hobby Lobby from their floral section.

They worked, but my fingers started hurting while pushing them in part way through, so hopefully you can find a better option.  Or perhaps I'm just a wimp - that's definitely possible too!

Have you decorated for fall yet, or are you anti-seasonal decorating?  I'm surprised at how many people are!

I'll be sharing my fall-esque decor with some of these lovely link parties this week!  

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your wreath! And what do you mean, not as gorgeous as mine?! Your wreath is absolutely beautiful! Would you mind if I shared it on my blog! I would love for some of the wonderful ladies and gentlemen that read my blog to see your wreath too! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post, you are too sweet! Take care!!!

    Ps. I love your mantle too! You did a great job pulling everything together!!!

  2. What a fabulous wreath! Very impressed. Always nice to have a little project for while the hubby's away - mine's on call tonight, so I've planned a date with the sewing machine.

    Your mantel looks great too. I totally buy seasonal decor the same way :) Lots of times Hobby Lobby will come through a little earlier with 50% off sales though...

  3. I love your mantle and that wreath is fabulous! I'm still enjoying fall decor, also. I'll be keeping my place decorated for autumn until after Thanksgiving.

  4. LOVE all your autumn decor - just beautiful!!

    Take care,


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