A Story & A Game.

A Story:

As a post-musculoskeletal domain exam celebratory activity, the Hubby and I went to an apple orchard yesterday before dinner.  While there, we had a slight conundrum.  Not on the type of apples to buy, because we love Jonagold apples to eat and Spies for baking.  Our issue came with the amount of apples we purchased.  You see, unlike at a grocery store, where apples are sold by the pound, regardless of whether you buy one pound or five pounds, prices at apple orchards decrease with the larger quantity of apples that you buy.  For example, at "our" orchard:  1/4 peck: $3.  1/2 peck: $5.  Full peck: $8.  (Not from the country/have no idea what a peck is?  A peck is a quarter of a bushel.  A bushel of apples weighs about 45-48lbs, on average).  

So we strolled out of the orchard yesterday with a full peck of Jonagold apples, after the sweet old farmer explained the best way to make them last for at least a month.  Upon arriving home, we weighed our apples out of curiosity, after I guesstimated they weighed about 12 pounds, based on the tried and true carrying-on-the-hip-this-weighs-about-as-much-as-a-two-month-old-baby test*.  The result?  10.5 pounds of apples.  For a family. Of two.  My goodness.  

*My husband thought I was nuts in my reasoning for my somewhat close guess as to the weight.  I wanted to Google the average weight of a two-month-old infant.  Instead he, naturally, got out his CDC Growth Charts to explain to me EXACTLY when an infant would weigh as much as our apples, how it varied for boys and girls, and into which percentiles these babies would fall.  After much consideration, we decided that two months was indeed the appropriate age to use.  Thank you so very much, Husband ;) *

After all of this apple selecting and weighing, we opened our refrigerator to store our apples...and very rapidly realized that 32 apples takes up a LOT of room.  This leads us to:

A Game: What's in your fridge?:

I've seen this game scattered around blog land.  It's rather intimate, when you think about it, allowing perfectly good strangers to see inside of your refrigerator.  One can learn a lot about a person by what they have in their fridge.   The rule is that you can't take anything out of your fridge before taking your pictures...lucky for me I threw out that past-its-prime cilantro yesterday!  

A few questions to get us started right:

List a few common items that can always be found in your fridge.  Eggs, orange juice, non-dairy milk of some variety, dark greens/cucumbers/carrots, hummus, coconut milk butter, whole wheat tortillas, red wine vinegar and yogurt. 
How often do you clean out your refrigerator? Don't stop reading my blog because of it, but I definitely clean my fridge every week, right after going grocery shopping/prior to taking care of my groceries.  It's the best time to do it - the shelves are emptier, you can dispose of anything that should go away, and you can just wipe it down quickly before restocking everything back where it belongs.   

How often do you shop for groceries? Once a week.  I plan our meals to avoid "running to the store" throughout the week.  I grocery shop really really early on Monday mornings.  Before some people are even awake.  Because I can. not. stand. the crowds at Meijer.  I like parking in the same spot every week, between the handicapped spot and the cart coral.  I like having the same cute greeter greet me.  I like to have the whole aisle to myself.  I like not having an entire family of six all standing in front of the bananas, quarreling about which bunch is the best bunch to get, and monopolizing the space so that I cannot see, let alone reach, any bananas.  I like to use the self-checkout lane and not have to wait for it.  I like not having anyone behind me in line so that they can't roll their eyes and complain when I use my coupons.  I would cry if someone forced me to shop at Meijer on the weekends, during peak times.  My patience is not that great. 

What’s the most unhealthy thing in your fridge right now?  That would have to be the BBQ ribs waiting to be cooked tomorrow for dinner...nom nom nom.  

Ready for our adventure?  Here's your peek inside my fridge...You can only look at the following pictures if you play along ;) 

Top Shelf:  (this shelf is hard to get a decent photo of with the glaring bright light)
Well...lets see.  This is where the Hubby's yogurt goes, along with our tortillas and coconut milk "butter" (which you can almost see behind the yogurts).  Also various leftovers: today you'd find (from the left) leftover homemade pizza and homemade pita bread, veggie broth and beef broth, cut up celery and carrots, leftover pierogies, stir fry and chicken veggie soup tucked in the back there, homemade red pepper and plain hummus in those green containers, and the pizza toppings leftovers: tomato, artichokes, red onion and pineapple.  And that's just the top shelf! (I think we should have had leftovers for dinner!).

Middle Shelf:
Here, we find eggs, four logs of goat cheese (ALDI of all places had goat cheese this week, for an awesome price.  I stocked up!), salad greens, mushrooms, broccoli hiding behind the mushrooms, spy apples and pears in the back container, red grapes in the front, and a package of BBQ ribs which my husband has been requesting for weeks ;)  Normally the greens, mushrooms and broccoli would go in the crisper, but there's something else (that weighs 10.5 pounds) taking up the space in their home.  

Bottom Shelf:
Beverage center!  Orange juice, grapefruit juice, Spicy V8, V8 Fusion, organic soymilk, water, Starbucks Frappuccino (singular - but I use the little cardboard containers to keep my spicy V8 juice from falling over), and two bottles of way too hoppy beer hidden behind the OJ.  Also pictured: a half gallon of red wine vinegar (I use it on and in everything!), ground corn meal, whole wheat flour and a pair of green peppers.  There is also some baking soda somewhere on this shelf.

Crisper Drawers:
Well.  There's celery (more as to why my celery looks like it's from outer space in an upcoming post), three pounds of carrots, some zucchini and cucumber, and a leek (found directly underneath the "leek" sign with the picture on it, thank goodness, Marisa!!).  The right crisper has the 10.5 pounds of apples instead of the greens, mushrooms, broccoli and peppers. 

The Door:
Here's the wonderful world of condiments.  Up top: three heads of garlic - almost enough to last me a week (half kidding only), and yeast.  First shelf: salsa, roasted red peppers, freezer jam, and pumpkin butter.  Dijon mustard, regular mustard, BBQ, Simply Heinz Ketchup (aka no HFCS), more red wine vinegar (in a easy pour container) and hot sauce.  Next shelf: Vidalia onion salad dressing (I use this on pasta salad instead of a typical sauce.  I don't read the ingredients because I'm sure there are plenty of words on that list that I couldn't pronounce, but it is so yummy!), homemade Italian dressing, peperoncini peppers, garlic stuffed olives, pickles, relish (we have an affinity for vinegar, apparently), fish oil, Sriracha chili sauce (which no fridge should be without!), worcestershire, lemon and lime juices, and sugar water - I mean, "maple syrup."

Whew.  That's it.  That's our fridge.  It's full today, but will be empty by Sunday.  We do not waste food in this home!  If there are leftovers that we aren't going to eat, I freeze them for the Hubby to have for dinner on nights when I'm not here to cook for him (not that he can't cook!  I just prefer that he doesn't have to take the time from studying).  I'd show you my freezer, but I mean, there's pig legs in there.  That just spells chaos.  Have you ever tried to organize a freezer around pig legs?  They are an awkward shape and length, and take up way too much of my precious and limited space.  You'll just have to use your imagination on that one! 

So what's in your fridge this week?  If you play along, leave a comment with the link to your post, and I'll add it here (because really, who doesn't like a glimpse into others lives!).  Hope you've had fun!  I'm going to go eat an apple or six...


  1. You can make apple chips, apple cider, apple oatmeal! Yum! I am the same, clean our fridge about once a week- wipe down and everything. I can't stand dirty fridges! I usually shop Fridays- so our fridge is pretty darn empty right now! I will have to do this post when it's not just full of Diet Dr. Pepper, no bake cookies,left overs, and condiments. HA HA HA

  2. This my sweet is where we part in similarities. I HATE cleaning my frig. When I moved there were dressings from 2005. I would never take a picture of the extremely ripe green pepper in the crisper :) I never make shopping lists, envy you that do and I run to the store almost everyday because what ever I thought I was going to make for dinner the week long I decide I want something different.
    I miss Gregory my favorite greeter at Meijer.
    Love you so much. :)


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