And so it begins.

Suppose it's time to pitch the pumpkins....

MJ: Oh. My. Gosh.  It is so nasty outside!  Can you believe how gross it is?? 

Hubby: Seriously?  It looks like a snow globe!  I love the first snow of the year.

MJ: Well, I think it's ugly.

Hubby: Come on, you're looking at God's creation!  How can you say it's ugly?

MJ: (pointing at self) THIS part of God's creation doesn't like (pointing at swirly white snow) THAT part of God's creation. 

Hubby: MJ, come on.  We've been blessed with coats and gloves and a house and heat and a fire place.  

MJ: We've ALSO been blessed with a vehicle that can drive us south

Only five months until spring, folks (reality-wise, not calendar-wise).  Let the countdown begin.  

(Can I just go into hibernation until then??)


  1. I don't know how you do it. I really don't think I could stand that much winter! I would definitely be all about some hibernation.

  2. Oh no, snow already! I'm with you! Hope you're keeping warm!

  3. I love snow! I was pumped when I saw it snowing out. I hate when it's cold if it isn't snowing. :)

  4. wow! snow already such a magical time of the year!

  5. I fall into the lover of snow catagory, but it is pretty early!

    My love of snow may be due to the fact that I usually don't have a pressing need to go out. Plus we hardly ever get snow, and when we do it's a "snowstorm" if we get over a couple inches. :P

  6. You have quite a bit more in your area than we have in Ann Arbor. The snow's not even sticking here. Maybe your hubby should transfer to U of M?

  7. You can drive south to Cincinnati :) We most certainly have not seen any of that nonsense yet! But I have to say, hearing about it in your neck of the woods at least makes me feel better about living 6 hours away (since I was feeling a little depressed about not making it home for Thanksgiving this year...).

  8. It alllll melted by noon today. Thank heavens ;)

    (though it will be back!)

  9. I recently found your blog in prep of marrying a soon to be med student. As a Christian, and hater of winter, I feel a real kinship with you! I am fortunate to live in San Diego, where 60 is a cold day. I can't stand snow!


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