Happy November 15th!

If you get queasy easily, and/or are the very pro-animal/vegetarian type, come back for a later post. 

(Note: there's nothing wrong with the animal lovers of the world.  But this simply isn't a post for you).

I'll even give you lots of space to think about this.

Because I'm from a small town.  

And where I'm from,

November 15th 

means one thing.  

And one thing only.

Pictured: Frank the Truck, me, the Deer, and the Coug (cougar.  My old car, in the corner there.  That was my grandmother's car.  It was a beast).

Opening day!  That little 7-point was my first buck ever, bagged five opening mornings ago on a crisp morning.  

And my, oh my, nothing beats fresh venison ;)  

Happy Opening Day, everyone!


  1. Nice!!!
    Today is a National Holiday in my house... the day they prepare for all year. The day we spends TONS & TONS of money on.
    We own 4 different pieces of property in the northern country just for these few days, they build blinds, set up cameras, plant corn... yes, all year they work for this day. And Sunday afternoon, as they were all in blinds, the sweet deer were in my front yard here in Holland... : )
    (I sent them the pics, as they sat in thier blinds.. : )
    Good luck this year...

  2. Ha! I found the copy of this picture that used to hang in my office the other day. As I heard all of the shots this morning, I was wondering if you were going to share your hunting story. :)


  3. Good luck, MJ! In, WI, gun deer season starts the 19th, so we're going home this weekend. Andy's residency interviewing and deer hunting, and I'm wedding dress hunting. :) Not that I'm opposed to deer hunting. I'm just not allowed to go because I'm not a man. Haha.

  4. Oooh! Look at you, you mighty huntress! :D
    Oddly enough neither the hubby or I hunt, despite coming from very pro-hunting, teeny tiny towns.
    We both agree that venison is pretty dang tasty though!

  5. We are soul sisters, I knew it!

    Love you


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