I challenge you to not become teary-eyed watching this.

I might have sobbed into my sandwich gotten a little teary-eyed while watching this and eating lunch.  It's an old story, so maybe you've seen it already (plus it's jumping around Facebook like nobody's business), but it so touched my heart that I had to share it!  :)   


  1. Ah!! I watched this the other day in my car on the way home from my ethics licensing exam. I was sobbing. Then Andy called me to ask me to pick something up for him. I was like, "It's so HAPPY," sobbing.

  2. I just learned this story earlier this year! While browsing the library I picked up a completely random book and it was Jason McElwain's book (The Game of My Life). I suggest it if you want to learn more about Jason. Pretty inspiring stuff. :)

  3. Wow, so teary-eyed now. I'll definitely show my students this next year when we talk about ASD.


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