The past week has been an absolute whirlwind.  Out of the last seven days, we have slept at home for a total of two nights. 

Hubs had a major test last week Monday, which he completely rocked.  Then, after class was over on Wednesday, we did a quick version of putting up our Christmas decorations (not that it could take us more than two hours if we took our time anyway), and then headed up to his parents' house Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with his side of the family and thoroughly enjoyed some rest and relaxation.  

On Friday as we were heading out of town, we experienced some car troubles and had to turn around and coast (literally) into a repair shop.  [side note - our cars are 10 and 11 years old.  We were just saying that they have have have to last us through medical school...and then cough-sputter-stall...a trip to the repair shop.  Silly Murphy and his law).  Luckily it wasn't too hard of a fix and we were on our way to my folks' house without too much delay.  We had a Mexican fiesta Thanksgiving dinner with them on Friday night, and Saturday morning was the annual craft show in my hometown...always chaotic and a mini-high school reunion, but great nevertheless!  I toured around the booths with part of the Square, which was lovely.

Saturday afternoon, we headed back home to have dinner with some fellow medical students/residents and their wives (hi girls!).  Homemade pizza + games + great company...what could be better?

The next morning on the way to church, we got a phone call that we were expecting but not looking forward to...the news that Hubby's grandma passed away early that morning.  She had been declining quickly over the past month due to a series of micro-strokes that gave way to rapid onset dementia.  She basically went from being completely aware to non-responsive in a matter of two months.  While we are so sad to have her gone, we are relieved for her sake that she is no longer trapped inside a body she couldn't control.  We were able to visit her over Thanksgiving, which was good, even though we aren't sure if she knew we were there.  She had lived a full life and knew and loved the Lord, so we are resting in that fact with peace.  

The Hubby and I headed back up to his parents' house on Monday afternoon.  We went over to Grandma's apartment at the assisted living center to pack up everything - they had informed us that they had someone new moving in on Thursday and we had to have her apartment cleaned out by then...giving us a total of three days from when she passed to reduce an entire life to bags and boxes.  Not impressed.  It was a late night of sorting and packing to say the least.

We were up early on Tuesday morning to make picture boards for the services.  There was lots of support at the visitation and funeral from my in-laws' church and community, along with lots of folks from my father-in-law's side of the family, which was nice.  Grandma had out-lived most of her friends, but the room was filled with much love.

After dinner at the church, we headed back to the house to say our goodbyes to family.  We were all worried about the weather - some areas got upwards of 10" of snow yesterday.

I don't really have an end to this post.  And I'm mildly wondering if it had a point.  It was messy and whirly, just as the last few days have been.  But now that it's written, I might as well post it, right?

Hope all of you are well - I have a lot of catching up to do.


  1. I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your family, especially your husband's grandma. My husband's grandma lived to age 94 but we still would have loved more time with her. I'll be thinking of you, your husband and his family. The first holidays after someone passes can be very hard.

  2. Take care. May God grant your family comfort in the coming weeks and months.

  3. My goodness, that does sound like a whirlwind! Holiday weekends often leave me feeling like I need a vacation - what's up with that?
    So sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother though...

  4. Sorry to hear about your Grandma in Law. She is looking down on you now. :)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother. Thinking of y'all!


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