A (belated) Merry Christmas to you!

I love the internet and my computer as much as the next girl, but I think I love taking a break from it even more!  It seems that every time we get away somewhere, my computer is rarely turned on, except for work-related purposes.  The blog isn't updated, Facebook isn't logged onto, I don't Pin hundreds of crafts that I will never make, and my email becomes a horrendous black pit of despair.  

Regardless of all of that - after 540-ish miles of driving (two shorter trips to my parents house, one longer trip to his), we're back!  And I'm back to blogging!  I can finally tell you about all of the crafty things I've been creating for Christmas gifts (which I couldn't mentioned before, as the blog is read by some of the folks on the receiving end of those gifts!).  I can share some homemade experiments!  I can update my recipe page!  And, most importantly, I can catch up on all of your blogs!

The Hubby is in full vacation mode...a good thing, but I require a bit more of a routine than he does - and every day is his Saturday right now (but better than a Saturday, as there is ZERO studying occurring!).  He did get a little toy from me to keep him occupied over his break though.  (The Hubby and I exchange gifts - which is apparently strange?  I don't know...many of our couple friends don't buy their spouse anything.  It makes sense, in a way, as it is just spending our own money on us...we never do anything outlandish by any means, but I think because we spend so little throughout the year on anything remotely fun that we get joy out of exchanging at Christmas).  Here's the Hubby's fun gift:


Yes, this awesome wife bought her husband a home brew kit.  He's always mentioned how neat it would be to brew his own beer (I don't think that the fact that my father makes his own wine helps!), so I went for it when it was on an awesome sale from Sears.

Curious as to my fun gift?  Santa did well with this gold peacoat ;)


Are you completely sick of seeing people's Christmas decorations?  I'm sorry if you are - navigate away from this page.  I took pictures, so you get to see them!

Here is our tree, pre-present and post-present wrapping (when you buy/make gifts for 23 people, this is how many presents you end up with!  I would tell you how much we spent total for Christmas, but I wouldn't want to offend any of our gift receivers.  We'll leave it at the fact that we saved over 50% on every gift/all supplies purchased):

A few pretty close-ups of some ornaments:

 Our mantle.  I love LOVE decorating a mantle ;)

And finally - with a fire in the fireplace:

I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and were somehow able, amidst all the chaos and hoopla that comes with Christmas, to take time to reflect and remember.


  1. Your decor is beautiful and that passage of scripture is easily my favorite! Great post!

  2. We exchange gifts, always have, always will. This year was the first we did not but we traveled home. Your house is lovely and I'm with you on vacation and computers.Love you!

  3. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to you guys too! You both did good on gifts, in my opinion! :)

    We also exchange gifts and try to out-sneak each other. Often I'll have a family member buy something on their credit card (and pay them back in cash that I've slowly built up through the year) just so there isn't an electric trail to give things away.

  4. Super cute coat... and don't trees make things feel so warm and cozy at night? I put ours away and am kind of missing that soft evening light. Love your mantel too!

  5. Your mantle is BEAUTIFUL!

    Also- my husband and I usually exchange gifts at Christmas. We like to spoil each other, and I LOVE to surprise one another. HOWEVER, we didn't this year because we're "poor" (in quotes, because comparatively speaking, we are most definitely not). Step 3 stole all our money, as did our dog's life saving surgery, so we forewent the presents this year. Next year though, next year. : )


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