Christmas POSTcards & Display

There's no hiding the fact that I'm cheap fiscally responsible.  So I am very pumped to tell you - especially after my Christmas card dilemma - that our Christmas cards cost 33 cents each...including postage!  

How?  What?  (I know).  For starters, we mailed out postcards instead of cards in envelopes, immediately bringing the cost of postage down to $0.29 per card.  I didn't have to pay for envelopes (which you know are built in to the price of cards on websites).  And instead of ordering them online or printing them on glossy paper for $1 each, I printed them on regular cardstock at Office Max for $0.17 per sheet (for the printing and the cardstock).  With four postcards on a page.  Do the math - that's $0.0425 per card for printing, bringing the grand total for paper, printing and postage to $0.33 each!  

I did a simple design myself - no, the Hubby's face was not blurred out in the ones we mailed ;)

We looked like absolute fools in our parking lot with our lights and props and camera on the tripod...but we finally got a photo after about a hundred tries ;)

Slowly but surely, we have started to receive Christmas cards.  We've gotten about a quarter as many as we've mailed out...needless to say, next year, our "send to" list will be dwindling. 

In an itty-bitty apartment, there is no good way to display Christmas cards, so here is our solution: 

crappy iPhone photo in a dark kitchen with no natural light. you're welcome.

This is the door between our kitchen and laundry room/pantry.  We have an over-the-door shelf hanging on the back of the door, facing into the laundry room, so we just looped some ribbons underneath the hooks and let the ends hang down over the kitchen side of the door.  Add some clothespins and voila!  An instant card hanger (albeit a slightly sloppy one).

How do you display your cards???


  1. Wow! Adorable Christmas card!

    I display our cards a lot like you do. With ribbons... Except mine go the other way :). It is the only way I can come up with to display then...

  2. Your cards came out really nice! Way to save, by doing all of the work yourself!!

  3. Great card - frugal AND creative :)

    I am displaying mine the same way - ribbon on the pantry (cupboard) door. I like to look at them, but I really don't like to hang anything on my refrigerator... weird but tidy!

  4. That is such a cute pic! Did you make your cards on Photoshop?

  5. http://www.websiteoutlook.com/

    Your numbers look a little low.

  6. Alice (future girl)December 22, 2011 at 7:57 PM

    You're card is cute! Minus the swirly husband face, lol. So you only send out cards to people you get one from in return? I guess that would cut the work down, but doesn't seem very much in the Christmas spirit. Kind like giving a gift only bc you expect to receive one, kwim? Anyway, I'm really glad I stumbled across you're blog from chic on a shoestring's old posts, its cute.Have a great Christmas!


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