Guilty Pleasures: Pentatonix

We discussed guilty pleasures (harmless ones, of course!) at my last Side by Side (aka doctor's wives) Bible study of last year.  Spur of the moment, all that I could think of was Pinterest, which is definitely one of my bigger guilty pleasures.  However - really?  My true current guilty pleasure?  Pentatonix.

No idea what I'm talking about?  Pentatonix is the group that won this season of The Sing Off, an a Capella singing competition.  However, we don't watch the show.  The Hubby and I stumbled upon Pentatonix via Gungor.  (Kevin, the beatboxing cellist, performed with Gungor when we saw them in concert, and it was mentioned that he was competing on the TV show).  Anywho - we watched their performances on NBC's website and fell in love.  There is so much talent in this young group-three of them are only 19 years old!  Their sound is beefy and pure.  After discovering them I might have listened to all of their performances multiple times per day for a week straight several times.

I give you Pentatonix (all performances, part 1/3 - hit up You Tube for parts 2 and 3!): 

So amazing!  I literally cannot believe that so much sound comes from just five voices.  

Speaking of guilty pleasures, many of the girls brought up The Hunger Games as theirs.  I borrowed the first one and read it in about...oh...one day.  I literally devoured it (no pun intended).  I started it before going to bed one night and accidentally read a third of it.  I finished it the next day.  It was unbelievable.  A mildly disgusting premise?  Absolutely.  I'll be getting the second installment this Wednesday.  And finishing it soon there after!  

What's your current (not-so) guilty pleasure? 


  1. Ha! I nearly spent all of my lunch hour today talking about The Hunger Games. They're just so good. I find it so hard to recommend them to other people (especially girls), because they fall into that Sci-Fi/Futuristic category... but reviews say it all. They're addicting and just good. I am anxious to see the movie. I have low expectations, but am interested in how they depict it. Speaking of which, I'm also curious as to what they rate it. I want to recommend the movie to my students, but I don't see how they can re-create it other than rated R. Thoughts?

  2. I have much love and respect for a capella groups. My absolute favorite is Straight No Chaser. I recommend checking them out if you aren't already in love with them.


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