"I love you because..." frame (& exciting news)

If you are on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen what is below, or at least a version of it...(If you're not on Pinterest - send me an email for an invite!).  How cute is this:

source: Kiki Creates via Pinterest

I decided to get a wee bit crafty this weekend, playing with my new Silhouette Cameo, and came up with my own version of the dry erase love note frame.  

Speaking of the Cameo - this thing can do anything!  Look how intricately it can cut:

Though the subsequent love notes from the Hubby are lovely, I promise, I only made it for my own crafting pleasure ;)  [aside - if you know us, you know the Hubby is the king of love letters.  Unfortunately, med school doesn't equate to much time for penning love letters.  This is an excellent substitute, instant-gratification-style!].

While this crafty project is great and all, what is more important (with regards to the "exciting news" teaser in the title) is written below as the reason why I love the Hubby.  (There are many - this is merely one.  Though it is a big one!). 

I hope you are excited when read it.  I get excited every time I read it. I might do a happy dance just thinking about it.  

Yes, that is right - the Hubby and I will be traveling to Puerto Vallarta for six nights during the Hubby's spring break.  

And folks?  We. Are. Excited.

We weren't going to go anywhere over the Hubby's spring break.  That time should really be spent focusing on studying for his Step One boards that are on June 16. 

But I mean, really, he can study by the ocean just as well as he can study anywhere else, right?  Mmmm....beach..............

Plus, everyone and their sister has been stressing to us the importance of DOING things together (aside from med school/every day life) and GOING places together, much like a normal, non-med school couple would.  Especially prior to having little mini-doctors running around. 

Also, let's face it - the Hubby has an absolute minimum of five more years of school/residency after this.  That means that the next time that we might have the opportunity to vacation together, I'll be, you know, old in the next decade of life. 

So we bit the bullet and booked the trip.  


Let the countdown begin: 33 days until we are dancing the salsa!  (or at the very least - eating salsa!).

Partying here this week.

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  1. Oooh! So exciting! I absolutely agree that quality time together is a good thing. I think y'all are going to have a fantastic time!

  2. This is super pretty. We will be praying for your lovely time together- you deserve it and of course, we will continue to pray for his step one boards- really difficult but there is nothing our God cannot do!

  3. MJ - This is adorable - & I'm glad you're taking the trip - you both deserve it. Love you - MOM

  4. Fun!!! Not gonna lie, I'm a little (or a lot) jealous. :) Hope you guys have a grand time and bring back some beautiful pictures to share!

  5. Good for you guys! I think it's AMAZING that you guys are doing that. I wish C and I had had more opportunities/TAKEN more opportunities!

    Also- LOVE LOVE LOVE the craft.

  6. Yes! I'm so glad for you that you booked this! It will be an especially nice treat for both of you before step 1...

    p.s. you can SO do more of these trips during residency :)

  7. Good for you guys! You'll be so glad you took this trip! Trips are still possible later on, but it gets more tricky. We celebrated our June anniv. in Oct this year!

  8. I pinned that picture too and yours is super cute! Have fun in Mexico!

  9. What a wonderful way to make sure you don't take one another for granted. :0)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share at Pin'Inspiration Thursday. Hope to see you on Saturday to help "Beat the Winter Blues". Have an awesome day.

  10. Hey! I am a new follower! My fiancé is about to start med-school, and we are getting married in June! I would LOVE to chat and get advice from you since you are a doctor wife as well!

  11. this board is super cute!! I love how you took the Pin and made it your own :-) congrats on your trip!! I hope you have a great time


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