Just kidding.  I'm not resolved.  In fact, I think that the concept of new year resolutions are a bit ridiculous.  Why do people feel they need to wait until the new year to make positive changes in their lives?  If you have an area of your life that you obviously need/want to work on and recognize it, then just make the change when you realize it and be done with it.  Don't give into bad habits for a few more days, weeks, or months...just set your foot down and be done with it.  If  the desire for a lifestyle change happens to occur around the same time as the first of January, super.  If it happens in October, go for it.  May?  Buck up and make positive changes to your life. 

Which discussing this with the Hubby, he told me that I feel this way because I have strong willpower.  I think that's funny, because I wouldn't think that about myself.  I consider it more of a "do-it-now" personality.  It goes for little things like never leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight ("do it now, so you don't have to deal with it in the morning"), to more lifestyle-like changes.  For instance, this past year, I decided I would start flossing daily instead of weekly (fine: bi-weekly...okay, fine: when I ate sweet corn...).  So I did.  I mean, I know I'm supposed to floss, so I just started some random day in December 2010.  And I've flossed almost every day since then.  Is it because I resolved to do so because I flipped a new calendar to January?  No.  That is ridiculous to me. I knew that I should floss because it is an important part of good dental hygiene, and I like my dentist to give me a good review twice a year, so I started flossing.  End of story. 

What about you?  Are you a new year resolution maker, or a do-it-now-er? 

Oh, right - and happy new year ;)


  1. Whooo, I got out of there just in time before that snow!

    I think you're right about resolutions - when it's about healthy habits, why would you wait to start? I have made New Year's resolutions the past few years, but I see them more as "goals." And because I'm rather goal-oriented, I'm constantly making myself lists and challenges, so New Year's is just another excuse to indulge that little bit of my craziness I guess...

    p.s. I took the same approach to flossing at some point - dentist visits are much less stressful now!

  2. I'm a little of both. In terms of serious life changes, I make them when I make up my mind to do it. New year or not.

    But I also tend to make "New Year's Resolutions," every year (even though I never remember what they were by the end of the year). These, however, are never really life changing serious. Like this year's. Take more pictures of life. I've been thinking about it, and contemplating it, and New Year's just happened to be occurring just in time for me to make it my "resolution."

  3. I'm both. I make changes. I do floss everyday, I like the positive reinforcement from my dentist and healthy teeth.

    I've made plenty of resolutions at New Years and made plenty during middle of years when things aren't right.

    I sometimes go to bed without doing dishes......

    I love your resolve!


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