Valentine's Day + Decor

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I believe that it's an awfully commercialized way to get people to spend an average of $126 on overpriced flowers, chocolates, gifts and dinners in packed restaurants.  The Hubby and I don't need to spend $252 merely to reiterate what we already know to be true.  (Seriously, who spends that much??).

Regarding flowers: If I'm receiving flowers, I would much prefer to get four bouquets throughout the year for the same price as one on February 14.

Regarding chocolates: I can't eat most of those fancy-shmancy creamy chocolates.  Give me a bag of Dove dark chocolates with almonds, and it will last me a month.  

Regarding gifts: n/a.  Well, I did get a new pair of running tights last week, and the Hubby ordered some new dress shirts and ties from Kohls last weekend (we're talking dirt cheap:  slim-fit dress shirts for $7.68 and ties for $6.14 after some discount magic).  There is a rumor that I might be getting an electric blanket soon, which sounds superb to me!

Regarding dinner:  Well, we went gourmet this evening and had Qdoba for dinner.  Why?  Because a) we adore Qdoba and b) did you hear about their buy one, get one free promotion?  


You can bet we were there...I will use any excuse to eat their gumbo!

Finally, despite not loving Valentine's Day, I did cave and put up some lovey-dovey decor (which is rather similar to our lovey-dovey decor from last year...), because everything seems so bland once we take down our Christmas decorations.


And of course, my favorite heart wreath is still hanging where it has been for the last year... (click through to the heart-shaped felt wreath tutorial).

I stand by my claim that LOVE is totally appropriate year-round!

Whether you adore Valentine's Day or loathe even hearing the word, I hope you had a lovely day today!


  1. I agree - "love" is an appropriate theme for decor all year long!

  2. Lovely decor... decor is an asset, so worth the outlay for sure!

    I agree with the flowers, I'd rather 4 bunches any other time of year too :)

  3. $126? Really? Wow. Not us. We're not really valentine's people either...

    That being said, I really like your decor!

  4. I agree with you that Valentine's is a commercialized holiday. I know that I shouldn't love it so much but the pink and red and glittery hearts get me every year. Your decor looks great!

  5. Did you see my Valentine? www.susandunning.com

    I just pinned your Heart wreath tutorial! You are gonna be famous ;)

    Love you

  6. Slightly off-topic here, but I just have to ask: "slim-fit dress shirts for $7.68" -- How?? What is this "discount magic" you speak of? Any details you could share would be very, very much appreciated!

  7. Cute decorations! I have to admit, I took my Christmas decorations down on Valentine's Day.

  8. Thanks everyone! With regards to the "discount magic"....Kohl's had an extra 40% off their clearance items this weekend, marking their dress shirts from $40+ down to the $9-10 range. Add in a free shipping discount and a 20% off to make for $7.68 shirts ;)

  9. Sounds pretty much like my approach to Valentine's Day, right down to the Qdoba :) I do still like Valentine's Day though, but more of a handmade approach, with a few decorations and little gifts for friends and an excuse to write down my "I love you" to my hubby and put it in his lunch bag...

    p.s. I need to try that wreath next year! Last year I did a heart pillow that's quite similar and I love it.

  10. Did you make the love wire? Very cute. you should show us how if you did make it.


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