What school?

What is this blog's primary theme again?  

Oh, RIGHT!  Medical school.  

I've been slacking on reporting about this minor part of our lives.  Second year is so different than MS1, but honestly, there's not all that much to say about school these days - we are fully in the med school groove.  This year seems way more laid back to me.  Perhaps the Hubby is simply less stressed about his classes, resulting in me being less stressed?? There are several main differences that I think have allowed for our more mellow attitude this year (not that we were ever terribly high-strung to begin!).

The first main difference is the number of exams: first year was packed full of exams (53 in total), while second year has WAY fewer (only 15).   While each test obviously carries much more weight, that frantic scrambling feeling to absorb as much information as quickly as possible has given way to the Hubby being able to study at a smoother, more constant pace.  Going from two or three tests in a week to one test every two or three weeks has been quite nice, in my opinion.

The next difference is the new format.  First year was all lecture/lab based learning, while this year is the PBL format.  Despite the fact that the Hubby doesn't love PBL, he sure learns well in it.  

Finally, how I help the Hubby is different than it was in MS1.  Last year contained way more flashcards, quizzing, pretending to be patients and being blinded by that darn ophthalmoscope three nights a week.  This year, while there is still some quizzing to be done, I do more proofreading of his weekly essays for his Ethics/Health Policy/Integrative/Humanities classes (not to brag about his genius, but he has gotten 100% on all of them!  He's great at content, while I help with flow and our little friend grammar...though I'm sure some of my posts may have you questioning this claim), and not complaining while listening to Goljan on long car rides. 

So for us, MS2 fall and spring semesters each have five domains (plus clinical skills, which adds two exams each semester).  Last semester's domains were Neurology, Infectious Disease/Immunology,  Musculoskeletal, Hematology/Neoplasia (Oncology) and Disorders of Thought/Emotion/ Behavior (Psychology).  Some Biostats and Epidemiology were thrown in, as well as his Ethics essay-writing class.  This semester holds Urinary Tract/Renal, Pulmonary, Cardiology, Metabolic/Endocrine/Reproductive and Digestive, with Health Policy, Integrative and Humanities essay classes.  We've come to the conclusion that the more difficult a domain is (or is rumored to be), the better the Hubby does in it.  He can really buckle down and LEARN this stuff inside and out...and enjoy doing it! 

Renal domain was just completed, with his exam being last Monday, and now we're onto Pulmonary.  Maybe the Hubby will be able to fully diagnose my exercise-induced asthma by the time this domain is over!  ;)

And because I rarely do a post without a picture, a little view of how the Hubby's desk looked the other day as I tried to clean around it:

Tools for success!!
Is that enough books for you??


  1. Oh, I remember Goljan - he usually stuck to headphones & iPod in our car though :)

    I think each year of medical school has its own types of stresses, but I think the overall stress improved every year - the fewer tests in year 2 definitely made a difference - but it's partly just getting in the groove, figuring out how to live your life amidst all of that school stuff... Nice update!

  2. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My brother is just about to finish med school :). But my friends say that post-med school the training programs are even more tough. Push through, our Lord gives us strength!

  3. Can I just say THANK YOU for providing so much info related to med school?! I had no idea what to expect but your blog has been so helpful preparing me for what's to come as a med school student's spouse!


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