Refusal (a post about weather).

If every winter was guaranteed to be like the current one, I'd have no about qualms staying in this great state forever.   

Average high in March? 44 degrees.  
Today's record high temperature? 76 degrees.
Today's high? 85 degrees.

Average low in March? 27 degrees.
Today's record low temperature? 9 degrees.
Today's low?  62 degrees. 

We are literally FORTY degrees above normal.  This is, obviously, unheard of.  This hasn't been a strange or random occurrence today: the past eight days have been in the 70's and 80's, and the next two days are predicted to be this warm as well. We have set new record temperatures March 14, 16, 17, 19, 20 and 21, and tied the record on the 18th. The trees have all budded.  Daffodils have bloomed.  Magnolia trees are in full beauty.  

Our apartment is the top floor in our building, facing the southwest.  From about one in the afternoon until dusk, the sun just beats on our apartment.  Which, of course, results in the following, something we normally only experience in July and August:

Temperature outside on our balcony, baking in the sun: 92*.  Temperature inside our home: 86*... 

Isn't that just nuts?  But we 100% absolutely refuse to turn on our air conditioning in March.  Refuse!  Any other winter, and we would still have significant snow on the ground still, so it just seems so wrong to turn on the AC.  

Proof that it is actually that warm in here...Our pantry is currently the coolest room in the entire home:

Coconut Oil is normally a solid, like Crisco-consistency almost.  It liquifies between 76-80 degrees.  Which we've obviously surpassed, as you can see by the fact that it's nearly completely liquid!

It is, unfortunately, going to cool down over the weekend, to lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s.  Still unseasonably warm, just not tanning on the balcony warm ;)  I'll take anything over snow though! 

PS-how unbelievable is it that it's been warmer here several days than it was when we were in Mexico??!  


  1. I've lived in Michigan almost my entire life and this is the weirdest winter. I love it, though. I've been saying, "Hooray for global warming, lets go burn some tires!"

  2. I'm thinking solar flares. Just don't read the Maze Runner books. They'll freak you out. I hear Wisconsin is having the same weather. I don't enjoy the heat, but I am glad that we've been able to turn the heat off in our house and that I went for a 4 mile jog at 8:30 tonight and it was still almost 70 degrees out.

  3. Love..LOVE it!!
    3 wks ago the guys were snowmobiling across the lake at the cottage... now they are talking about putting the seadoos in the water this weekend... :)
    89 in my car today while in GR & I did not use the air... just let the hair fly with the windows open.. : )

  4. Some of your missing white fluffy stuff came this way! We have a couple inches of snow and the folks not far south got over a foot yesterday. o.O
    Soak up some sun for me!

  5. I take back everything I said about liking the heat. I'm going to shave my head. Growing my hair out for a wedding hairstyle was a terrible idea. And it's too hot to turn on the flat iron.

  6. I just heard someone on TV say, "Tell Al Gore we are diggin' the global warming!"

    You are a riot! Love to read your posts. Kingman Regional Medical Center is hiring ans will be hiring all categories. Great place to practice Medicine and so needed.

    Love you pretty lady,

  7. Well, I had to wear a coat here in Australia... and it doesn't happen often. Weird weather.

  8. I know - isn't it NUTS? (In a good way. Not complaining!) I'm going to Florida in a couple weeks when my extended family goes for spring break, and there's a chance our vacation weather is cooler than the current weather. Crazy.


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