A little fun

Life hasn't been terribly interesting around these parts lately, and there's nothing worse than an uninspired post.  Hence the radio silence here lately.  

We did have a chance to break up the humdrum routine as we headed to a Red Wings playoff game this week.  My aunt graciously offered us tickets, and we pounced decided we could probably take them off her hands.  I'd never been to Hockey Town before, but my husband has been to quite a few games.  He was a hockey stud in high school, being recruited to play hockey in college, but politely declining. 


Going to this game was *quite* an experience.  These fans bleed red and white.  And I, of course, did too, or at least pretended...in my bought-the-day-before-from-Meijer Red Wings shirt...

They totally lost the game, which stunk, but we still had fun.  It was good to take a break from real life, do something spontaneous and for the husband to be able to get his nose out of the books for an evening.  

This morning, however, he is taking a practice version of the Step 1 Boards - awesome way to spend a Saturday morning!  Here's to passing!! 


  1. An outsider's perspective:

    Being from Wisconsin (a state with no professional hockey team), we don't quite understand the love you Michigan folks have for your hockey, and we often find ourselves saying (dare I say this) "Freaking Red Wings again? Don't these people have any NEWS?" :)

  2. You are so cute and tiny! So we are moving to Michigan. I will have to e mail you and get some info.... :)

  3. My parents and brother were at that game! I've been to only one Red Wings game too, and it was a playoff game - I agree that it's quite the experience. People get RATHER into it... when they scored, Peter was so excited and turned to me and yelled, "I want to yell louder but this is already as loud as I can yell!" I'm pretty sure everyone else in there felt the same way :)

  4. Glad you guys are enjoying getting away from the books a bit! I don't know anything about hockey, but live sporting events (especially when they are a study break) are fun. :)


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