200th post & second anniversary

I can't think of a more appropriate occasion for my 200th post than to celebrate our second wedding anniversary - how serendipitous.  Thanks to those of you who have been on this crazy journey with us. Spending the last two years with my best friend has been such a blessing!

If you're planning a wedding in this great state, you might stumble across this photo in a magazine ;)

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They call it "intense" for a reason...

My overworked dedicated husband is currently halfway through what is called "The Intensive Study Period."  (enter menacing sound effects here)

After classes wrapped up during the first week of May, the second year medical students are given a five week "break" from school, in order to dedicate their time to studying for their first set of medical licensing boards.  Basically, this is major crunch time for all MS2 students everywhere.  The Step 1 scores carry a ton of weight for how residency programs review their prospectives for granting interviews.  Saying that this is potentially the most important test that medical students take is probably not too far-fetched. 

This is my husband's schedule everyday, as it has been for the last two and a half weeks, and will continue to be for the following three weeks.  

6:45am: Wake up.  Accept coffee.  Sit down at desk.  
6:50am-10:55pm: Study.
11:00pm: Fall into bed. 

(I wish that was more of an exaggeration than it is).

Quite literally, I leave, and my husband is at his desk.  I come home, and he is still at his desk.  I inquire if he has moved at all during my absence.  He will look at me, ponder the question, and reply, "I think I got some water a while ago."  

That's what 13-16 hours of studying every day will do to a person.  It's called intense for a reason, folks.  Intense for a reason.  


The Great Gatsby = ICMS?

Have I ever mentioned that I studied abroad in Australia?  I spent three wonderful months in the town of Manly, a suburb of Sydney, and followed it by "island hopping" my way home, stopping in Fiji, New Zealand and Hawaii (thank you, student airfare deals!).  The school at which I studied was the International College of Management, Sydney.  It's housed in an old seminary, which looks a bit like Hogwarts Castle (inside and out), and was about a five minute walk from the spectacular Manly Beach.  I adored Australia and could drone on about it for much longer than any of you would care to read. 

The point to this useless trivia?  Freeze frame the following preview of The Great Gatsby at the 17 second mark to see my home away from home in Australia - ICMS!  

This article about ICMS as the Gatsby Mansion has some still shots of the scenes shot on the campus.

ICMS was also the location of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding.  Pretty slick for a college in a little suburb north of Sydney ;)   


Halfway Done: DIY Fabric Kindle Case


We are officially done with MS2 (tomorrow)!  My dear, sweet husband got me a little celebratory present...

True to form, he got an awesome deal on this Kindle - last week, if you bought a Kindle for $79 at Walmart, you got a $30 gift card back!  We very rarely shop at Walmart (primarily due to the fact that the one by us is slightly ghetto), but this was worth the trip!

It's so cute and light!  Naturally, I needed a case.  Also naturally, I thought the majority of the ones on Amazon were overpriced.  So....after some brainstorming and a trip to Joann's to purchase enough fabric for two cases for a whopping $3...

I created this.  Lovely, no?  (The number of times I used my seam ripper, on the other hand, was not lovely.  Conceptualization is not my strong suit). On the inside left, there is a pocket to store the Kindle when not in use.


Then, it fits snugly into the corners for reading:


I've already found the list of top free Kindle books on Amazon...and plan on checking it frequently!  I've already borrowed my first eBook from our library as well.  

While I have always loved reading books, as in actual books, I think my love for simplicity and lack of clutter is going to lead to my loving the tininess of the Kindle.  

I'll be sharing my Kindle Case with these lovely link parties this week!  

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