The Great Gatsby = ICMS?

Have I ever mentioned that I studied abroad in Australia?  I spent three wonderful months in the town of Manly, a suburb of Sydney, and followed it by "island hopping" my way home, stopping in Fiji, New Zealand and Hawaii (thank you, student airfare deals!).  The school at which I studied was the International College of Management, Sydney.  It's housed in an old seminary, which looks a bit like Hogwarts Castle (inside and out), and was about a five minute walk from the spectacular Manly Beach.  I adored Australia and could drone on about it for much longer than any of you would care to read. 

The point to this useless trivia?  Freeze frame the following preview of The Great Gatsby at the 17 second mark to see my home away from home in Australia - ICMS!  

This article about ICMS as the Gatsby Mansion has some still shots of the scenes shot on the campus.

ICMS was also the location of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding.  Pretty slick for a college in a little suburb north of Sydney ;)   


  1. Really? I didn't know you were down here in Oz. I'm so excited to be heading to America on Exchange later in the year :D

  2. Yes, I totally adored Australia, and cannot wait to go back! The US is great and all, but there is something magical about Oz :)


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