They call it "intense" for a reason...

My overworked dedicated husband is currently halfway through what is called "The Intensive Study Period."  (enter menacing sound effects here)

After classes wrapped up during the first week of May, the second year medical students are given a five week "break" from school, in order to dedicate their time to studying for their first set of medical licensing boards.  Basically, this is major crunch time for all MS2 students everywhere.  The Step 1 scores carry a ton of weight for how residency programs review their prospectives for granting interviews.  Saying that this is potentially the most important test that medical students take is probably not too far-fetched. 

This is my husband's schedule everyday, as it has been for the last two and a half weeks, and will continue to be for the following three weeks.  

6:45am: Wake up.  Accept coffee.  Sit down at desk.  
6:50am-10:55pm: Study.
11:00pm: Fall into bed. 

(I wish that was more of an exaggeration than it is).

Quite literally, I leave, and my husband is at his desk.  I come home, and he is still at his desk.  I inquire if he has moved at all during my absence.  He will look at me, ponder the question, and reply, "I think I got some water a while ago."  

That's what 13-16 hours of studying every day will do to a person.  It's called intense for a reason, folks.  Intense for a reason.  


  1. Haha so true! My husband just took Step 1 yesterday and at dinner last night and all day today, he said he feels like he's forgotten how to be socially normal! Aw :)

  2. Coffee and questions, questions and coffee. That's what life is about. ;)

  3. MJ it will be worth it. My brother is studying for his final exams in his final year and I don't think he has moved for a while either. Praying for your husband!

  4. Next week we'll ALL discuss stories of Hubby's taking, MS1, boards, etc, etc.
    You are a great wife, it is intense.
    Can't wait to see you, Susie

  5. that's totally our life right now, except my husband studies at school. he and his buddies have a system down there and i have to stop by the school if i want to see him (besides waking up next to him). i cannot wait for it to be over...selfishly for me but mostly for him. june 7th is our day! it's rapidly approaching!

  6. Yep. But it won't be forever!

  7. Gosh, I remember that. Here's the good news...once Step 1 is over, life improves DRAMATICALLY. Also, Step 2 is like nothing compared to Step 1. Seriously. The hard part is almost over!

  8. Whew....it's just a season...just a season! :)


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