He's an MS3!

Yes, it's true!  My husband is officially a third year medical student.  He had his first jam-packed day of orientation yesterday.  About five minutes in, I received a text from my husband containing the number to the thing I believe I've dreaded the most regarding medical school.  

The pager.  Excellent.  I can't wait to chuck this out a window sometime ;)

Aside from pager-receiving, there was a lot of paperwork, HIPAA and BBP training, and learning how to write admission orders and prescriptions.  My personal favorite was flipping through a little book that previous 3rd year students put together of helpful tips for clinical rotations.  There was an important note about footwear in the OB/GYN rotation.  Pay special attention to the "Shoes are the word" section:

On that note, we went on an impromptu shopping trip last night to purchase a pair of easily washable shoes last night. 

Thank you all so much for your kind words about Step 1.  We are grateful that it is behind us, and are waiting patiently to receive his score sometime in the next 3-5 weeks.  268 or bust!  (kidding...obviously!)


  1. Michigan has been great so far! We are headed West this weekend for some time at the "beach"... ha ha! I'm excited! As for shoes....try Crocs! They are rubber so they will wash really easy! Just pack extra socks everyday...ha ha ha :) Good luck! Oh, and Derek's pager hasn't gone off....they just text or call him instead! But it's still hilarious he carries it around EVERYWHERE we go- store, church, date night, dinner, the zoo last weekend! HAHA

  2. Andy was usually only paged when he was at the hospital. Like if he had some downtime and was sent to the library to read something but the attending wanted him to come back. He never had to leave home at random times. And if he was paged in the middle of the night, it was a mistake. During his last rotation of MS4, his attending would page him in the mornings and tell him where to go, but that was always as he was on his two-minute commute to work or just walking in the hospital doors. I never felt like I needed to throw the pager out the window during clinicals, but I'm sure it will be in the cornfield behind my apartment once residency starts next week!

  3. I came across your blog via a search for other medical school wives and have really enjoyed your posts as they are so close to my own life. Your husband is about a month or two behind mine in medical school. My hubby is already into his 4th week of his OB/GYN clerkship. I just about died reading your post, yes your husband with definitely need shoes that can be completely disinfected - I've been told the stories from my husband's first hand experience. I will say my husband and also a friend of mine's husband (also an MS3) have found the Dansko clogs to be really great for all day surgery and OB call for comfort and cleanability.
    Thank you so much for your blog, I wish you and your husband all the best. I'll keep my toes crossed for your husband's STEP scores (my fingers are already crossed for my husband!). Take care!

  4. Ew.

    And I think I've been woken up by a pager only twice during the night (never in medical school, and call in residency is almost entirely at the hospital...). So you won't hate it as much as he eventually will :)

  5. Oh my word! Laughing about the shoes. My student doctor is starting OB/GYN rotations next month. Maaaybe we shouldn't have just bought those nice dress shoes. :D

  6. My husband starts medical school in August and so I was looking at other blogs to get a feel for what it's going to be like. Well..... it's pretty depressing and intimidating! Thank you so much for your blog and for pointing out all the good things along the way. You gave me a lot of hope for the future!

  7. My brothers in his final placement in europe! so exciting, the end is near!


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