First babies!

Summer always is always chaotic, and this one is shaping up to be no different.  Quite literally, I cannot believe that we are a third of the way through July.  Summer is practically over!  (Yes, I realize I'm being slightly dramatic).

My husband is into his second week of his ob/gyn rotation.  The first week was a bit disorganized, as he still had orientation/paperwork/scrub sessions on Monday and Tuesday, then was off for the Fourth of July (thank you for being in the middle of the week and prohibiting travel to the lake).  So he didn't have his real first day until Thursday....when he delivered his first baby!  He said he was grateful for his rubber shoes, and when asked what it was like, he said slimy ;)  Since then, he's done a second traditional delivery, and scrubbed in on three c-sections. 

Prior to starting year 3, we didn't realize that ob/gyn would be one of the most time consuming rotations.  A normal day for him will begin in the hospital at 5.30am with rounds, and end around 5.3opm after evening report.  Most of his days will be spent in the hospital, with a couple of afternoons a week being spent at the clinic.  He'll also have a few hours of lecture every week.  

Out of the eight weeks in ob/gyn, my husband has one week of night float (going into the hospital at 5pm, working all night, getting out around 7.30am) from Sunday night to Friday morning.  He'll also have in-hospital weekend call: one 24-hour shift from 7am on Saturday to 7am on Sunday, and one weekend that includes a Friday night call (5pm - 7am) and then Sunday day call (7am-5pm).   That Friday night call will probably be a real treat, considering he will work a normal day, starting at 5.30am on Friday and stay until 7am on Saturday.


In other news, rumor on the street is that many of my husband's classmates will be receiving their Step 1 scores tomorrow.  Is that true?  I have no idea...but if it is, we'll know around noon tomorrow!


  1. we're expecting scores tomorrow. my husband took his on june 7th...i don't know if that's helpful. :)

  2. Your OB/Gyn rotation is intense! I don't think Andy ever had to be at the hospital overnight. He did have a few weekend and had to stay til 9 PM several times.

  3. I have heard the same rumor... Good luck to you tomorrow!!!!!

  4. Good luck! I know the Mr. did well and passed for sure! :) But getting the official news is a breath of fresh air! That is so awesome about delivering the babies! Derek doesn't have an OB rotation and he is bummed :( Looks like the first baby he will be delivering is ours....one day. HA HA :)

  5. My husband also just started his MSIII and on OB/GYN rotation! Hours are the same crazy ones here. And we too heard the rumor about getting board scores today! Good luck :)

  6. I've been following your blog for awhile. My husband is also an MSIII and just started on Monday with his OB/GYN rotation. Same hours here. We too heard the rumor about getting board scores today! Good luck :)

    Katie :)

  7. Strong work Mr. MJ! :) The daily schedule over here is about the same, with an extra early boost since the hubby likes to bike to work. Exercise is great, 4am wake-up is a bit crazy.

    I didn't know scores were coming so soon! Weren't they just locked up in their study rooms??!


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